Women are some of the greatest mysteries in the world we live in today. They are always confusing you with their rejections and flirtations and back-and-forths that they put you through.

If you are looking for some clarity on that special girl in your life, you've come to the right place. It is very challenging to understand whether or not a girl is into you. But there are signs everywhere pointing towards her exact feelings, and you just need to learn what to look for.

Signs to Look for if a Girl Likes You

These signs are great indicators that the girl you are interested in feels the same way. She isn't likely to do any of these things if a part of her wants you.

She tries to make you laugh.

To her, it is rewarding to make you laugh. She wants to see you smiling and laughing because she enjoys experiencing your happiness. She also probably finds your smile and laugh to be attractive. So even if her jokes are corny and silly, pay attention to how often she makes them. If it seems like she is always being goofy or sarcastic around you, it is because she is putting some extra effort in.

You notice a sparkle in her eyes.

This one is difficult to tell at times. A girl interested in you will make a lot of eye contact, especially if her feelings are deeper than a basic crush. If you stare into her eyes, you'll notice a kind of sparkle. Whether that is the sparks flying between you, or just her general admiration for you, it will be there.

She tells you outright.

Some girls will just cut to the chase because they are the no-nonsense type. It may catch you off-guard, but she just means business and knows to go after what she wants. Some people find this super attractive, so I hope you do if you are in this situation. And at least this way, you don't have to guess around and be confused. Communication is essential to a good relationship anyway, so at least you'd know that she has no problem being honest with you.

She spends her time with you.

A woman's time is precious. Between being busy with work or school, hanging with the girls, and fulfilling any one of many hobbies, women are busy people. So if she decides to set aside time for you and spend her evenings around you, there is a reason. Many women favor quality time as a love language, so she could be keeping you around to show you just how much she cares in her own way.

Everyone thinks she is dating you.

Whether it is her friends or family, she may get teased around you about dating you, probably because she has told them how she feels. When the people around her support the thought of you both together, there is a reason that thought started. Also, it means you are at an advantage against others because the people she loves love the idea of you two together.

You make her blush.

She will blush because she feels shy around you. You may bring out a sensitive side of her that most guys don't see. A lot of girls blush around their crushes because they make them feel a certain type of way.

She acts nervous.

If she starts to act nervous around you, the reason is that what you think of her now matters to her. When a girl likes someone, their opinion matters, and she may be worried that she will ruin her chances with you by embarrassing herself or doing something off-putting. So she will seem jumpy and will start to talk faster than usual. It is all because of the way you make her feel.

She tries to learn more about your hobbies.

Most girls aren't big sports fans. So if she starts to take an interest in your favorite team, your favorite movie, or even your favorite band, it is because she is into you. She wants more for you to have in common, and she is hoping to win you over by supporting the things you love. She also wants you to associate all of your favorite things with her so that she may just become your next favorite thing.

She posts about you on social media.

Every post a girl puts out means something to her. Your reputation is important, and most women carefully craft it. So if she is okay with posting you and is proud of your relationship or friendship, it is because she has deeper feelings. Social media is a big step, and it isn't something that should go unnoticed. Just a quick Snapchat story matters because she might have over a hundred people viewing it.

She laughs at every joke you make.

Although you may like to believe that you are the funniest person, you probably aren't the funniest comedian in history. So if she treats you like you are, it is because she is into you. She probably doesn't find every joke you make to be the funniest, but she laughs to make sure you feel good and confident because she cares that much about you. She also wants to have fun with you, so a little fake laughter doesn't hurt.

Methods to Test Her Feelings

Methods to test her feelings about you.

If the signs aren't pointing you in a specific enough direction and you want to know how she feels, you just may need to nudge her in a specific direction. Here are some methods to try that will test how she feels and give you some answers:

Talk about another girl.

Although it may be subtle, she is bound to get jealous if she is into you. She will get sassy or tell you about how much she doesn't like that girl. It is all because she wants you and doesn't want any other girl to have you. Jealousy is a great way to know for sure how someone feels.

Take the next physical step.

Maybe you've held hands once or twice or just hugged as friends. Just kiss the girl if you want to know how she feels. She'll either pull back and reject you, and then you can both laugh it off and move on. Or she will kiss back, and it will be lovely and everything you had hoped for.

Ask her if she is interested in anyone.

If you still want to be subtle, this is a great method to try. You are giving her the chance to come clean. And it will also help you debunk your theory if she says someone else. Or she may go around the question and avoid it, which means she probably likes you.

Ask her if she is into you.

If you are tired of the guessing nonsense and just want an answer so that you don't have to be confused, just ask her. You may catch her off guard, but she will probably be honest with you. And don't just ask in a flirty joking way, be serious. She isn't likely to hide her feelings if she knows you mean business.

Ask around.

Maybe you are close to her brother or a friend of hers. Ask them about her, and they may tell you what you want to hear. Or, have one of your buddies watch your interactions with her and see if they can piece together her emotions for you. A great second opinion will help you decipher any woman. If people think you'd be good together or think she is secretly crushing on you, they will probably tell you, especially if they know that you are interested in her as well.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways that women show how they feel. They may not be as straightforward as some men can be, but they still try to show you in their own way. If you can gather your patience and detective skills, you will be able to tell how any girl feels with a little bit of research.

And if the signs don't help, there are always methods to try. They'll help you push her in the direction of honesty, and you may get the answers you've wanted. Just be subtle enough that you don't end up revealing your own feelings unless you decide that you want to.

No matter what, there are plenty of women out there. So if the signs point to the answer "no" and you are feeling down, just know that you will have many more opportunities to detect a woman's love for you. Just try to stay positive and brush off any rejection. It happens to everyone, and you are surely not the only one who struggles to understand women and their very complex emotions.