With everything going on in the world right now, it’s pretty common to feel the bouts of loneliness creeping in, even when you least expect it. Loneliness is not easy to conquer, but it is something we must all deal with in life.

It may seem impossible to get rid of those negative feelings, but there are plenty of steps you can take that will guide you to a better place in your mind. If you are looking to feel a little less lonely, there are plenty of different things to ease that emotion.

1. Don’t Mope in Silence.

The last thing you need is to feel alone in the silence of your own house. Crank up the music and play your favorite tunes. Find your happy playlist, and try to keep the music you play positive and fun. Not everyone is keen on this, but consider dancing and singing it out. If you are feeling lonely, find amusement in spending time with yourself. Dancing the feelings out might give you more of a relief than you may think.

2. Reach Out to Someone.

Whether it be your closest friend or someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, it doesn’t hurt to search for a connection somewhere. Sometimes, all you need is a good hang-out sesh with someone who can make you laugh. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you aren’t as familiar with because new connections can be super exciting! If you aren’t feeling up to an in-person meet-up, you could always just call someone or try to engage in a texting conversation. It’s important to stick to whatever you are most comfortable with.

3. Go on a Walk.

Taking a walk is a great way to refresh your mind and get some fresh air. It’s a simple and light way to exercise, which will get your blood pumping and bring some positive feelings back to you. As you walk, take in your surroundings and imagine that the world is all yours. Give yourself the main character moment, and you deserve it!

4. Get Creative.

To stop feeling lonely, it's important to be creative and start doing extra activities.

Taking the time to chill and embrace your inner creativity is a great way to find companionship with yourself. Whether you are super talented or just trying things out, art is a great path to feeling better about life itself. Find beauty in the little things you can make, and make sure to reward yourself for being creative. Here are some ways to get creative:

4.1 Painting/Drawing.

Super easy and simple to try if you have any basic art supplies at home. If you want to go all-in, plenty of convenience stores sell art supplies at lower prices.

4.2 Write a Song.

Get your feelings out with the art of music. Not only will you embrace your inner popstar, but you will also get to try fun rhymes and make light of the situation you are in.

4.3 Build Something.

Whether you go solo and try to build something random on your own or follow some DIY instructions, it’s a great way to get your brain working and feel accomplished afterward.

4.4 Cooking/Baking.

Create a dish you’ve never tried before. You can play music in the background while you work your way to becoming a professional chef. Even if the food doesn’t turn out as great as you had imagined, it’s still a fun opportunity to create something new.

4.5 Make Some Jewelry.

Go to the dollar store, get some crazy beads, and create whatever you want! You could make anything for yourself just as little trinkets or create items to give to your friends. Giving is a great way to feel more connected to other people, and wacky jewelry is easy and simple to make.

5. Consider Getting a Pet.

This takes a bit more effort and responsibility, and I only recommend it if you are fully prepared for that. But getting a little critter to spend your days with is a great way to feel a little less alone in this world. Do your research on what pet works best for you! You’ll find that you just may wind up with a new best friend. Pets are almost always extremely loyal, which will bring you constant comfort when they want to be around.

6. Accept the Feeling.

Feeling lonely isn’t a new feeling in the universe. Everyone gets lonely sometimes, and that is completely normal! It may just be a phase, something you have to push through. The more you try to deny that deep feeling, the worse it will get. Acknowledging your loneliness is the first step in growing past it. When you can know that that is why you feel glum, you can work to do things that will make you feel more whole.

7. Take a Self-Care Day.

Treat yourself! You deserve it, and it will make you feel more comfortable and happy with yourself. A great way to push past loneliness is to feel less lonely with yourself. Do all of the little things in a day that makes you feel great, and do it because you deserve to feel that way. There are times where all you need is a nice, long bath, with your favorite comfort movie playing in the background. Try doing the activities that put you the most at ease. Sometimes, all you need is a nice refresh in life.

8. Find Someone to Talk To.

Whether or not you are ready to face your feelings, it may be time to take things to a professional. No one will know better how to help you than someone who has been educated and trained in the field of human psychology. Opening up can be difficult, especially with strangers. But sometimes you have to choose the more difficult path to help yourself.

9. Take a Trip.

Finding a solid level of peace with yourself is important. And traveling can be a great way to accept being alone with yourself. You get to see the beauty of different places, all while spending quality time with yourself. Make a list of all of the different locations you’d like to go to and do some research on what places are most manageable for you.

If physically traveling isn’t an option, you could always immerse yourself into other worlds via movies, video games, or TV shows. Sometimes escaping your own reality can be the time you need to feel a little less lonely.

10. Write It Out.

When you feel a bundle of negative feelings and feel as though you have no one to talk to, writing is a great way to get all of the emotions out. Buy a journal, or find some scrap paper to jot some thoughts. Get all of the gross feelings out. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the thoughts staying written down, take the paper and rip it up.

Destroying those words can be a sort of metaphor for getting the negative thoughts out of your mind and banishing them to a different place, one where you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Journaling is a fantastic way to talk to someone, even if it is on paper. You can be vulnerable without being judged, which is a beautiful thing.

Important Takeaway

The most important takeaway here is that you need to take care of yourself, not only because you deserve it but because it is the healthiest thing to do. Embracing loneliness and finding a company with oneself can be a challenge, but trying the small things listed above may just be the right way to do so.

The journey won’t always be easy, and there will be plenty of moments where you still feel like something is missing, and that is completely normal.

With the way things in our society have been recent, it is easy to slip into the pit of loneliness and self-pity. The world can be much scarier at times, and growing up isn’t an easy feat. But the more you can learn to love and rely on yourself, the easier life’s challenges will become for you. Even if you find peace in the little things, it will cause you to become more at ease with everything going on.

And if the feelings of loneliness don’t go away, you still have to keep pushing through. These darker moments don’t last forever, and you may just have to buckle up and hold your ground until you feel better mentally. Take the time you need to take care of yourself. You will be okay eventually, and the skies will clear up. It’s okay to struggle and tussle with those negative feelings; it will only make you stronger in the end.