We are fortunate enough to live in a world full of unique cultures and practices. Every country has its own festivities and foods, and we get to experience new ideas every day. With a world that has had many years to grow, and as people have made all kinds of connections and relationships, it makes sense that there would be so many different languages and dialects around the globe.

One of the best things that have come out of new languages and customs is accents. With the right accent, anyone can appear quite a bit more attractive than they would have originally. It gives you an edge that many people won't see coming, and it may compel people to listen to you and engage.

To give you an idea of some of the sexiest accents in the world, we've created a list of the top 15 sexiest accents. If you are one of the people on this list, you should consider yourself fortunate to have been raised in the family you have.

1. French

They say that French is one of the languages of love, and the sexy accent of French natives only proves that point. French is often breathy and can come off as whispering to you. And who wouldn't want sweet nothings whispered to you in a sultry French accent?


At the start of the 21st century, French was the official language of more than 25 countries. A large portion of the French language comes from Latin. French also deals with gender for each word, making it an even more complex and interesting language.

2. Italian

With an accent that is melodic and pleasing to the ears, it is easy to fall for someone who speaks to you in a seductive Italian accent.


The Italian language took a long time to develop, starting during the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century. The Tuscan model is the most common dialect used when speaking Italian.

3. Spanish

Spanish accents are known to be full of passion and seduction. With such a passionate tone, someone could say just about anything in a Spanish accent, and it would sound as hot as ever.


Today, Spanish is the world's second most spoken native language and is used all around the globe. Spanish came from a Latin dialect and formed its own language over time. With so many special dialects coming from Spanish itself, there are bound to be many opportunities in your life to hear someone speak to you with a Spanish accent. So, you'll be able to determine whether or not Spanish deserves the third spot on this list.

4. Australian

An Australian accent boasts a layer of confidence that will draw in just about anyone. Paired with an easy-going tone and fun-loving nature, the Australian accent pulls you in.


The Australian accent emerged after the European settlers arrived in Australia in 1788. Since all of the settlers spoke in different English dialects, they had to find common ground to understand each other. Thus, the Australian accent was developed.

5. Queen's English

A British accent is most commonly related to intelligence and giving off a polished attitude. They often come off as sleek and smart, which is always an attractive feature to have.


The Queen's English accent was developed directly from how Queen Elizabeth II pronounced English words. Since this accent comes from a monarchy, it is built on sophistication and regality.

6. Irish

The Irish's unique phrases and sayings make it easy to become encapsulated by the Irish accent. Although they may be challenging to follow along with occasionally, their fun and interesting accent is a sexy curiosity.


Irish is a Celtic language, originally written with the Roman alphabet. Over time, Irish lost its popularity as a major language but is still learned and appreciated today.

7. Scottish

The Scottish accent has the ability to be warming, welcoming, and husky all at once. You'll find yourself soothed and seduced in one conversation with a Scottish accent.


Scottish accents have the same roots as English and come from the Gaelic language. Scottish accents involved a completely different pronunciation of many English words, making it unique all on its own.

8. South African

People with a South African accent are often melodic and uplifting, so falling under their sexy spell is easy.


The first truly African, native English accent in South Africa developed in the speech of the children of the 1820 settlers who came to Africa with parents who spoke many English dialects. With so many different cultures involved, this accent has been built on the foundation of widespread ethnicities.

9. Russian

Although the Russian accent is found to be the sexiest when a female speaks in the accent, the Russian accent deserves a spot on this list. The strong and husky force behind the Russian accent is breathtaking and sensual.


The Russian language makes up the eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages. Russian is the primary language for most of those living in Russia and those that were republics of the Soviet Union.

10. Kiwi

New Zealand natives speak with an accent that is pleasing to the ears and incredibly sexy. They often pronounce their words slowly, in a cautious tempo that pulls you in.


The Kiwi accent originates from Britain, and it was the first dialect to be preserved on tape. Kiwi is essentially a hode-podge of British and Irish accents.

11. Brazilian Portuguese

Known as yet another language of romance, this accent will seduce and soothe you at the same time. People with a Brazilian Portuguese accent often sound sophisticated and sultry.


The Portuguese language allows its speakers to understand 85% of the Spanish, 45% of Italian, and 15% of the French languages. So not only is the accent attractive, but they are also on the route to becoming trilingual.

12. Greek

The Greek locals become hot and sexy with just one sentence. Their sultry and sincere words are full of sex appeal and romance.


The earliest form of Greek writing was in a script called "Linear B". From there, Greek flourished and took on many dialects, growing and spreading throughout Greece and several other European countries.

13. Southern American

Everyone loves a Southern Belle, and you'll find yourself captured by their sweet and alluring accent. Although they may seem innocent, that southern charm will always prove sexy.


The Southern drawl developed due to the Western expansion, farm life, and immigration towards the southern states of America. This accent takes on a less formal tone, making them warm and welcoming.

14. Indian

The Indian language is often spoken quickly and smoothly, and their fast pace will keep you attentive and attracted all at once.


All Indian accents are often quick to the tongue and well-spoken. The Indian English dialect comes from a mix of British and Hindi, creating a hybrid of the two. Even as more Indians came to America, their accent remained with them.

15. Arabic

With a deep throaty sound behind an Arabic accent, you'll find yourself falling for the masculine energy that surrounds them. This accent is more commonly found to be sexy when males are speaking but is powerful enough to make it in the top 15.


Arabic is a very rich language filled with many different dialects. Arabic belongs to the Semitic family of languages and has held its ground for many centuries.

Final Thoughts:

And with that, you have the top 15 sexiest accents in the world. Each accent is unique and sexy all on its own. If you're looking to up your sex appeal, it is recommended that you practice some accents in your free time.

Accents are not easy to naturally ace, so it will take time. You may want to consider surrounding yourself with people who speak with a specific accent so that it becomes natural and native to you. Over time, you will be able to blend right in.

Each of these accents comes from colorful cultures and histories, and all formed off of the basis of cultures combining and growing. And they have managed to produce an attractive feature that just may take you a long way in life.