The List of Free Chat Lines

The Best Chat Line Numbers for Singles

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5 Rating stars

60 Minute Free Trial

Phone image866 244-6458
GuySpy Voice image

GuySpy Voice

5 Rating stars

60 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image855-245-9062
Fonochat image


5 Rating stars

30 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image855 897-4739
RedHot Dateline image

RedHot Dateline

5 Rating stars

60 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image877 328-5373
Vibeline image


5 Rating stars

30 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image877 437-9731

The free chat lines invite American and Canadian callers to enjoy worthwhile, entertaining, and seductive phone conversations through private phone lines. Our phone numbers have direct access to a free trial with call time to join each chat line company and test the different phone dating possibilities. Prepare your best topics and pick up lines to share with callers before joining the phone conversations.

Get Started Now

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Joining the Chat Lines

Browse various chat lines and call the free trial numbers to partake in phone chats.

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Recording an Introduction

Record an introductory message on the chat lines to captivate callers so they can get to know you.

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Starting a Phone Chat

Join the live connector, listen to greetings, and pick one to start a private phone chat.

Chat Line Numbers

The best chat lines include free trial minutes, uninterrupted service, a toll-free number, and features like proximity matching filters, a voice message exchange system, immediate aleatory phone dates, and a hotlist to save your favorite hot singles. The list with top chat lines has a wide selection of phone dating companies offering free trials to call and build connections with other hot strangers over the phone. The chat lines offer free call minutes for up to 1 hour to try the different chat settings.

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GuySpy Voice logo

GuySpy Voice

GuySpy Voice rating: 5 stars phone icon855-245-9062

60 Minute Free Trial

Fonochat logo


Fonochat rating: 5 stars phone icon855 897-4739

30 Minute Free Trial

RedHot Dateline logo

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline rating: 5 stars phone icon877 328-5373

60 Minute Free Trial

Vibeline logo


Vibeline rating: 5 stars phone icon877 437-9731

30 Minute Free Trial

Phone Sex Numbers logo

Phone Sex Numbers

Phone Sex Numbers rating: 5 stars phone icon888 779-4837

30 Minute Free Trial

Talk121 logo


Talk121 rating: 5 stars phone icon866 838-5612

30 Minute Free Trial

Chatline Dating logo

Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating rating: 5 stars phone icon877 448-8935

30 Minute Free Trial

Two Talkers logo

Two Talkers

Two Talkers rating: 5 stars phone icon888 991-7171

30 Minute Free Trial

Chat Lines' Mission

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Summer Corkran, the Founder of, explains how free chat lines work.

Chat lines' mission is to encourage people to have phone chat encounters with other people on unmonitored phone lines where they get to know a person by the phone conversations they have rather than by their appearance. Let go of the pressure of typical dating and enjoy discovering who your chat mate is with real bonding conversations. Get a glimpse of the various experiences the phone lines offer by calling the free trial chat line numbers provided.

Tip: The first chat line call isn't what you're looking for? Try talking with someone new on our chat list by calling another free trial number.

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Are you ready? Call Now

phone icon866 244-6458
60 Minute Free Trial

How Free Chat Lines Work

Join a Chat Line

Browse all of the chat line numbers provided by chat lines, and be sure to take advantage of the free trial minutes provided. Keep in mind key aspects like the ratings, descriptions, and types of conversations you may have on the chat lines when browsing the available phone chat categories. Some of the categories you can explore are singles, gays, lesbians, amongst others.

Record an Introductory Message

Record an intriguing introductory message when you call the chat line for the first time. This will allow you to captivate other callers, so bring your best when creating your chat line greeting. The ideal recording should be no longer than 40 seconds so you can make a good impression, but also save things to share on the phone calls.

Tip: Practice your chat line greeting message beforehand so you can nail it on the first try and jump into the chats right away. Don't worry if you don't, you can re-record the greeting as many times as you'd like.

Listen to Other Chat Line Callers' Greetings

After completing your chat line profile by recording your greeting, the chat line will transfer you to the live connector, where you can listen to as many introductory messages as you'd like from local or national callers. Important keypad options to remember when using the chat lines are: dial 3 to play the next greeting, dial 5 to begin local greetings, dial 6 to play previous greetings, and dial 9 to repeat greeting.

Send Chat Line Invitations

Send invitations so other callers that catch your interest can connect with you on a private chat line where you can talk about whatever you'd like. To request a connection, dial 1 on your keypad and record a message inviting the caller to chat with you. If your greeting is intriguing to the other callers, you will receive invitations to join private phone conversations with other chat line participants.

Start a Private Phone Chat

It's the time to start talking to your phone date about whatever you want. Remember to be respectful and considerate about the type of phone conversation your phone partner would like to share on the chat line. You can use your keypad at any time to access different options. Dial 4 to add or remove the caller from your hotlist, dial # to exit the private call, dial 7 to block the caller, or dial * to add more minutes to your account during the call.

Chat Line Categories

The chat lines are categorized to satisfy the different chat needs of all singles. In North America, the most popular chat line categories are Straight, African American, Lesbian, and Gay. Each chat line category provides the best chat lines with free trial numbers to call, instructions on how to use the chat lines, and tips to get the best possible experience with your chat line dates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is a Chat Line?

A chat line is a phone chat service that connects individuals located anywhere in the world to have all kinds of conversations. The chat lines were created in 1990, at the time known as hotlines. The chat lines used advertisements on television and radio to make their way in the dating world as one of the main dating vias in North America. Later on, the chat lines continued to grow and develop new functions, launched in different countries, and kept expanding to fulfill different categories for different types of people.

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How Are Chat Line Minutes Purchased?

There are two ways to obtain more minutes on your chat line account. The first option is to acquire them on the same phone line as the chat line, and the second option is to get more minutes through the official chat line website. Keep in mind that every chat line is different, and they offer different packages with varying amounts of minutes and prices. The standard packages offered in the chat lines range between 10, 30, and 120 minutes.

  • Purchasing chat line minutes via phone call: At any given moment during your chat line call, you can dial '0' on the keypad, and a representative will immediately be in touch with you to assist you in the purchase of minutes on the chat line. They will ask you to let them know your preferred payment method, and then they'll process the purchase for you. Within seconds after the purchase, you will automatically have additional minutes on your account, ready to use.
  • Purchasing chat line minutes via the official website: Go to the official chat line website and search for the option that allows you to add minutes. On the website, you'll be able to see and choose what type of minute package you would like to purchase, choose between 10, 30, or 120 minutes and their respective prices. Then, you will provide your phone number and the payment method you will be using so that the additional chat line minutes can be successfully added to your account. Your purchase will then be processed, and your extra minutes will be automatically added to your account, instantly available for you to continue with your chat line calls.
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Who Can Use a Chat Line?

Anyone who is 18 years or older and in search of chat companions to talk with about their day or any other chat topic, is welcome to use the chat lines. Remember that it's all about how you deliver conversations on the chat line. We suggest always embracing your best energy so you can transmit those good vibes to the phone date and build lasting relationships.

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Do Chat Lines Use Paid Operators?

The chat lines don't use paid operators. In 1990 the first chat line companies used paid operators, however, during the 2000s, the vast majority of the companies started connecting their callers to one another, offering a real dating service. Currently, the best-known chat lines organically nurture themselves with singles in the U.S.A and Canada that want to chat with other people, locally or nationally.

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What Are the Chat Line Rules?

The main rule you should follow when using the chat lines is being respectful and finding out what your chat date wants out of the call, ensuring mutual comfort in the conversations you will be having. Aside from that rule, the chat lines reserve the right to block anyone.

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What Is a Toll-Free Number Chat Line?

A toll-free number is a phone number that begins with 800, 866, 855, 844, 888, or 833, and its main goal is to eliminate the cost of the call for the person calling and charge the person receiving the call, in this case, the chat line company. The toll-free numbers are only available for calls made in the U.S.A or Canada. If a chat line caller initiates the call internationally, they'd be paying for the initial connection to the chat line and would be required to dial +1 before dialing the chat line number.

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Is There a Chat Line Support Team?

Reputable chat line companies have at least a customer support team at the disposition of users at any given time. The only time the chat lines customer support is unavailable for its users is Christmas and New Year's. The customer support team can help with cases such as purchasing additional chat line minutes, showing you a history of the chat minutes used, and helping you block or report pesky users. Any feedback to improve the chat line service is welcomed, and the support team will report your ideas to the chat line company.

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What Are the Most Popular Chat Lines?

The most popular chat lines in the U.S.A. and Canada, with hundreds of singles to choose from and chat with at any time of day, which also provide excellent service, are the following: Livelinks, Fonochat, RedHot Dateline, GuySpy Voice, and TwoTalkers. Any of these five chat lines offer a period of free trial minutes for first-time callers.

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What Is a Chat Line Free Trial?

A chat line free trial is a free period of time given by the chat line companies so the caller can have allotted time to try the chat line service being offered. The number of minutes provided varies between 10, 30, or 60 free minutes depending on the chat line company. The free trials are exclusively for first-time callers who have yet to register an account with the chat line system.

Chat Line Callers' Testimonials

Jeremy S. image

Jeremy S.

Miami, FL

At first, I was quite hesitant about calling and using free chat lines due to wrong assumptions. I thought it was all about indecent chats and phone sex, and I didn't think I would actually get to talk to someone I could have serious conversations with. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed chatting with other people, and it's all just for casual and clean fun. It made life more exciting and gave me something I can always look forward to.

Tim B. image

Tim B.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The good thing about free chat lines is that you can't possibly offend anyone by initiating some sexy chat, especially if you're asking for permission. The adult chat rooms cater to all kinds of kinks and bizarre tastes in phone dating. I started out with the free trial, and then I decided to buy some more minutes. I've continued using the chat lines, and I'm always thrilled with every live phone call that I get to experience.

Sterling R. image

Sterling R.

Manhattan, NY

Calling the phone dating lines brings excitement to my weekly routine. I was never the type of woman that would approach guys and make the first move. But in the chat lines, I'm always free to express myself and unleash my bolder side with every voice chat. I've read a lot of chat line reviews, but nothing compares to the real thing. All I can say is that every call offers something new, and it's life-changing.

Madison L. image

Madison L.

Los Angeles, CA

My busy lifestyle imposes a lot of limitations on my social life, and I'm finding it hard to score a date. Calling the chat line numbers changed all of that. Now, it's easier than ever to have some adult fun in my own time and at my own pace. I don't even have to worry about missing out anymore. It only takes one call and a hot chat partner to make my day more interesting.

James K. image

James K.

Brooklyn, NY

The best thing about calling the singles' chat lines is the excitement awaiting you. In my case, I usually call for late-night chats with women who are ready for anything. Some flirting here and there can set the tone for something steamy like an erotic chat or phone sex. And real men won't say "no" to that, especially if you're talking to someone who sounds incredibly sexy and seductive.

Charlie T. image

Charlie T.

New York, NY

Being 40 and single has never been this fun! I'm glad I discovered the chat line numbers from a colleague who loves to brag about his erotic chat encounters and steamy phone dates. I made my first call using the free trial, and then one thing led to another. I now have a couple of favorite chat line partners, and I get to call whenever I feel like having a good nice chat or sexually stimulating conversation. Phone dates really never get outdated.

Evelyn Y. image

Evelyn Y.

Houston, TX

Calling free chat lines is such a liberating experience. I never knew I could be this bold and daring. It brought back my lost confidence in romance, knowing that I can be just as desirable as other women. The casual phone dates and friendly chats boost my self-esteem, enabling me to express myself better at work and during social events. Now I feel more confident than ever when facing people, and I feel ready to take my chance on love again.

Shirley S. image

Shirley S.

Nashville, TN

After a failed relationship and a really bad break-up, I knew I needed some diversion. My job doesn't permit me to go on a sudden leave of absence, so I ended up enduring it all. I tried calling the chat line numbers every night to get my mind off things and entertain myself. Little did I know that I was gradually moving on and going back to my usual self. It's amazing how pleasant phone chats enabled me to overcome my frustrations and disappointments over love and relationships.

Leslie F. image

Leslie F.

Chicago, IL

My curiosity over phone dating pushed me to use the free trial numbers. As a freelance writer, I knew I might be able to benefit from the voice chats that the free chat lines are promoting. Calling never failed me because I've actually had some of the best conversations ever with complete strangers. We never got into flirting and phone sex, but we sure had an amazing time talking about love, life, and relationships. Now I know what the hype is all about.

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