The List of Free Chat Lines

The Best Chat Line Numbers for Singles

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5 Rating stars

60 Minute Free Trial

Phone image866 244-6458
GuySpy Voice image

GuySpy Voice

5 Rating stars

60 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image855-245-9062
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5 Rating stars

30 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image855 897-4739
RedHot Dateline image

RedHot Dateline

5 Rating stars

60 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image877 328-5373
Vibeline image


5 Rating stars

30 Minute Free Trial

Phone Image877 437-9731

We offer the best chat lines with free trial numbers to start talking with singles near you. Meet chat buddies on the phone lines for casual chats, sensual phone dates, and erotic phone sex conversations by calling any chat line number. Get ready to explore the free chat lines list to discover the excitement in phone dating.

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Call Any Chat Line Number

Call any chat line number on our list of chat lines.

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Record a Greeting

Record a greeting that will be used to introduce yourself to other callers.

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Start Chatting

Check the online callers' profiles and pick one to start your phone date.

Chat Line Numbers

Here's a list of the hottest chat lines with free trial numbers available in the USA and Canada. Each chat line offers from 5 to 60 minutes of a free trial which you can use to learn how each chat line works and explore its features and community. Call the chat lines and enjoy friendly conversations, hot phone dates, and erotic chats by dialing any chat line number.

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GuySpy Voice logo

GuySpy Voice

GuySpy Voice rating: 5 stars phone icon855-245-9062

60 Minute Free Trial

Fonochat logo


Fonochat rating: 5 stars phone icon855 897-4739

30 Minute Free Trial

RedHot Dateline logo

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline rating: 5 stars phone icon877 328-5373

60 Minute Free Trial

Vibeline logo


Vibeline rating: 5 stars phone icon877 437-9731

30 Minute Free Trial

Phone Sex Numbers logo

Phone Sex Numbers

Phone Sex Numbers rating: 5 stars phone icon888 779-4837

30 Minute Free Trial

Talk121 logo


Talk121 rating: 5 stars phone icon866 838-5612

30 Minute Free Trial

Chatline Dating logo

Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating rating: 5 stars phone icon877 448-8935

30 Minute Free Trial

Two Talkers logo

Two Talkers

Two Talkers rating: 5 stars phone icon888 991-7171

30 Minute Free Trial

Our Mission

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Play youtube video free chat lines video

Summer Corkran, the Founder of, explains how free chat lines work.

Chat lines are about getting to know other people's personalities without judging physical attractiveness by simply talking. Most callers on the chat lines use the chat lines to enjoy friendly and intriguing conversation, while others go directly for erotic phone sex. At free chat lines, we want every caller to experience what real phone dating is about. That's why we have the largest and best list of chat line numbers that offer free trials for new singles to try phone dating.

Tip: If you're not impressed with your first chat line call, move on to the next chat line by dialing its free trial number.

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Are you ready? Call Now

phone icon866 244-6458
60 Minute Free Trial

How Free Chat Lines Work

Call Any Chat Line Number

We provide a complete list of chat line numbers that offer free trials. Simply pick a chat line from our list after checking the ratings, descriptions, and topics shared on the chat line and start chatting with local callers. Based on the chat line you pick, the topics discussed on the chat line might vary from friendly conversations or romantic chats to erotic phone sex for free and in private.

Record a Chat Line Greeting Message

Introduce yourself to the online callers by recording a chat line greeting. A voice prompt will guide you through the sign-up process and enable you to record and become a part of the chat line network. Be creative with your greeting, record a catchy message to make good impressions, and get more chat line invitations.

Tip: A good chat line greeting is short, specific, and sexy. Try to limit your recording to around 30 seconds. You can mention something about yourself, your reason for calling the chat lines, and what you're looking for in a chat line partner.

Listen to the Recordings of Online Chat Line Callers

Browse through the online chat line callers by listening to their greetings. At any time, you can pause the chat line and change the following settings; callers' proximity, callers' genre preferences, and your own chat line greeting. Also, at any time, you can press 0 to skip and start listening to the next caller in the queue.

Invite Callers to a Private Phone Chat

After listening to multiple callers, eventually, you'll start finding callers that intrigue your attention, so don't hesitate to send private chat invitations or an inbox voice message for them to know you exist. While you're listening and sending chat invitations, you might start receiving chat invitations as well. So pay attention to the voice prompt that will notify you of callers interested in talking with you.

Start Chatting in Private

Once two chat line callers accept a chat request, their phone line will merge into a private phone line, and they'll be able to start their private, non moderated phone chat. The free trial minutes will start being deducted when the callers start their phone conversation and stop when one of the callers decides to hang up. Be savvy with your chat line minutes, and don't waste them on a phone chat you're not interested in having.

After the Free Trial

If you run out of chat line minutes or they expire, you have three options.

  • First option: You could purchase a chat line minute package for as low as $4.99 for 10 minutes, $9.99 for 30 minutes, or $29.99 for 120 minutes.
  • Second option: You could wait for the chat line's happy hour, usually announced once a week or month, depending on the chat line company.
  • Third option: If you are not satisfied with that chat line and don't have any remaining minutes, you could try another free trial chat line number from our list.

Chat Line Categories

We've organized the chat lines in various categories to accommodate all callers' preferences. We have chat line categories for straight romantic singles, gay chats, lesbian conversations, and phone sex, among others, and each category has a list of top chat line numbers. Get started now by selecting one category from the chat line categories listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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couple using lines

Why Do People Call Chat Line Companies?

People call chat lines for multiple reasons. The chat lines are perfect for singles looking for real conversations that are not based on physical looks but the caller's personality. Also, some people use chat lines because they're reserved individuals that don't like to share their pictures online and prefer to have their identity secret while dating online. Chat lines use cases are: flirty conversations, friendly chats, naughty phone dates, and erotic phone sex.

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Who Calls Phone Chat Lines?

Adult singles call the chat lines. Most chat line callers are shy singles who wouldn't like to share their interest in the dating market; romantic singles interested in a person's values, principles, and how they communicate; high net worth singles that won't take the risk of sharing their pictures and identity online; and phone-sex callers looking to fantasize and have erotic phone conversations on a private phone line.

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Is There an Age Restriction on Chat Lines?

All singles that participate on the chat lines must be at least 18 years old or above. If you're a minor using a chat line service, you should expect your account to be deleted and possible legal conflicts. The conversations on the chat lines are romantic, naughty, and dirty, not suitable for minors.

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Are Chat Lines Secure and Private?

The chat lines anonymously connect callers using a shared phone number that encrypts every account information, such as phone number, location, and greeting message. Your personal information is secure and private, and it's not shared with any callers or chat line moderators. We advise users not to share their personal information with any other caller while having a private phone chat.

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Do Chat Lines Have Paid Operators?

Callers on the chat lines are real, and they don't receive any monetary compensation by using the chat lines. Chat line callers want real phone chat partners to enjoy a phone dating experience, and paid operators would ruin the magic of calling the chat lines.

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Are Chat Lines Free?

We offer free chat line minutes for first-time callers on multiple chat lines, but after using the free trial minutes, the user will have to purchase a minute package to continue their journey on the chat line or pick another free trial chat line from our list. The number of free trial minutes varies from 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes depending on the chosen chat line.

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How to Initiate a Chat Line Conversation

There are many ways to start a chat line conversation, like using an icebreaker, asking an open-ended question, delivering a funny or clever joke, or dropping a witty pick-up line. The idea is to get the phone conversation rolling and to overcome the initial awkwardness. Here are some examples of conversation starters to use on a chat line;

  • An Icebreaker: "What made you call the chat lines, tell me 2 truths and one lie?"
  • An Open-ended Question: "Hi, if this happens to be 911. What's your emergency?"
  • A Funny Joke: "3 red roses plus 2 white roses for you. What's your answer?" (Answer: Thank you.)
  • A Pick-up Line: "as that an earthquake? Or did you just rock my world?"

Chat Line Callers' Testimonials

Jeremy S. image

Jeremy S.

Miami, FL

I was quite hesitant at first about calling and using the free chatlines due to wrong impressions. I thought that it was all about indecent chats and phone sex. I didn't think that I would actually get to talk to someone whom I can have serious conversations with. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed chatting with other people and it's all just for casual and clean fun. It made life more exciting for me and gives me something I can always look forward to.

Tim B. image

Tim B.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The good thing about the free chat lines is that you can't possibly offend anyone by initiating some sexy chat especially if you're asking for permission. The adult chat rooms cater all kinds of kinks and bizarre tastes in phone dating. I started out with the free trial and then I decided to buy some more minutes. Until now, I continue using the chat lines and I'm always thrilled with every live phone call that I get to experience.

Sterling R. image

Sterling R.

Manhattan, NY

Calling the phone dating lines breaks my weekly routine and rather boring lifestyle. I was never the type of woman that would approach guys and make the first move. But in the chat lines, I'm always free to express myself and to unleash my bolder side with every voice chat. I've read a lot of chat lines reviews but nothing compares to the real thing. All I can say is that every call offers something new and it's really life-changing.

Madison L. image

Madison L.

Los Angeles, CA

My busy lifestyle imposes a lot of limitations to my social life that I'm finding it hard to score a date. Calling the chat line numbers changed all that. Now, it's easier than ever to have some adult fun in my own time and at my own pace. I don't even have to worry about missing out anymore. It only takes one call and a hot chat partner to make my day more interesting.

James K. image

James K.

Brooklyn, NY

The best thing about calling the singles' chat lines is the excitement that awaits you. In my case, I usually call for late-night chats with women who are ready for anything. Some flirting here and there can set the tone for something steamy like an erotic chat or phone sex. And real men won't say “no” to that especially if you're talking to someone who sounds so sexy and seductive.

Charlie T. image

Charlie T.

New York, NY

Being 40 and single has never been this fun! I'm glad I discovered the chat line numbers from a colleague who loves to brag about his erotic chat encounters and steamy phone dates. I ended up making my first call using the free trial and then one thing led to another. I now have a couple of favorite chat line partners and I get to call whenever I feel like having a good nice chat or sexually-stimulating conversation. Phone dates really never get outdated.

Evelyn Y. image

Evelyn Y.

Houston, TX

Calling the free chat lines is such a liberating experience. I never knew I could be this bold and daring. It brought back my lost confidence in romance knowing that I can be just as desirable as other women. The casual phone dates and friendly chats boost my self-esteem which enables me to express myself better at work and during social events. Now I feel more confident than ever when facing people and I feel ready to take my chance on love again.

Shirley S. image

Shirley S.

Nashville, TN

After a failed relationship and a really bad break-up, I knew I needed some diversion. My job doesn't permit me to go on a sudden leave of absence so I ended up enduring it all. I tried calling the chat line numbers every night to get my mind off things and to entertain myself. Little did I know that I was gradually moving on and going back to my usual self. It's amazing how pleasant phone chats enabled me to overcome my frustrations and disappointments over love and relationship.

Leslie F. image

Leslie F.

Chicago, IL

My curiosity over phone dating is what pushed me to use the free trial numbers. As a freelance writer, I knew I might be able to benefit from the voice chats that the free chat lines are promoting. My first call never failed me because I actually had one of the best conversations I ever had with a complete stranger. We never got into flirting and phone sex but we sure had an amazing time talking about love, life and relationships. Now I know what the hype is all about.

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