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The Best Chat Line Numbers For Singles

Ready to spice up your life and have an awesome phone chat line experience? Now you can have the time of your life with the best chat line numbers that offer free trials to new callers. No hidden fees, extra charges or card request.

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GuySpy Voice

5 stars rating

60 Min Free Trial

Call GuySpy Voice chat line 855-245-9062


5 stars rating

60 Mins Free Trial

Call Livelinks chat line 866 244-6458


Call Fonochat chat line

30 Min Free Trial

call 855 897-4739

Very simple, isn't it?

Call Any Chat Line Number

Call any of the free trial chat line numbers available

Record a Greeting

Record a descriptive greeting message for other callers to hear

Chat with Other Callers

Send out or accept chat requests from other callers and start chatting

Chat Lines With Free Trial

Pick any of the chat line numbers! We have partnered with the top 10 most reputable chat line companies is the U.S. and Canada to provide all our users with free trials that range from 5 to 60 minutes depending on your preferred chat line. No hidden charges or credit cards required. Remember, once you’ve consumed the free trial of one chat line, you may also explore the other chat lines using their free trials until you find the one that’s right for you.

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GuySpy Voice

GuySpy Voice rating: 5 stars
phone icon 855-245-9062



Fonochat rating: 5 stars
phone icon 855 897-4739


RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline rating: 5 stars
phone icon 877 328-5373



Vibeline rating: 5 stars
phone icon 877 437-9731



Talk121 rating: 5 stars
phone icon 866 838-5612


Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating rating: 5 stars
phone icon 877 448-8935



Megamates rating: 5 stars
phone icon 817 231-7731


Social Voice USA

Social Voice USA rating: 5 stars
phone icon 833 894-9211



Tango rating: 4 stars
phone icon 855 760-3085


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Are you ready to get started?

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Dial any chat line number and activate your 30 to 60-minute free trial to connect with fellow singles. Your phone number will remain confidential because these chat line numbers are 100% secure and private.

Tip: If you weren’t impressed with the chat line you’ve chosen, you always have the option to move on to the next chat line and use its free trial.

Are you ready? Call Now

phone icon 866 244-6458
60 Minutes Free Trial

How Chat Lines Work

Call Your Preferred Chat Line

After going through all the chat line numbers provided, select one that you would want to try. All the chat line numbers we feature at "free chatlines" offer free trial with no hidden charges. You are NOT required to provide your credit card information as you go through the free trials making them 100% Risk Free.

Record an Introductory Greeting Message

When you call a chat line number, the system will notify you that you would need to record a chat line greeting message to get started. By doing so, local callers would instantly be able to hear your greeting message as they browse through the other callers. TIP: Mention your purpose for calling the chat lines. Are you looking for casual, friendly or erotic chat? Briefly describe what you’re looking for in a chat partner.

Listen to the Greetings of Other Callers

After recording your introductory greeting message, you can start browsing and listening to the greetings of the other local callers who are currently online. As soon as you find someone you’re interested to chat with, you may send in a chat invite so you can start talking to each other in private.

Send Phone Chat Invitations

As you browse through other local callers’ recordings, you can send out multiple chat requests to different online callers. Just make sure that you do not send too many requests especially if you’re on the line with another caller or if another caller is trying to get in touch with you.

Start Chatting with Local Singles

Once your chat request has been accepted or you have accepted a chat request from another caller, you can immediately start using your free chat line minutes. Your free minutes will start running once you’re already on the line with a fellow caller and will stop counting down the minute you hang up to end the call. You may consume your remaining free minutes on your next call.

After You’re Done with the Free Trial

What happens after you’ve consumed all your free minutes? You have two options. The first one is to purchase a chat line package that includes more minutes so you can continue using and enjoying the chat line services. The second option is to call a different chat line number that’s offered in this site. We have provided 10 chat lines and each one offers a free trial. We at are committed to give you the best chat line experience.

Chat Line Categories

We have listed below that best chat line numbers that cater to different categories and serve various needs. We believe that your first chat line experience should be the best that is why we encourage you to call any of our featured chat line numbers especially the one that captures your interest. Keep in mind that all the chat lines we provide offer a free trial period for every caller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use chat line services?

Most people, especially first time users, are always puzzled why other people use chat lines. Well, chat lines are the best 21st century social platforms where you can meet and interact with new people from your local area as well as those from the other parts of the world. If you want to make new friends, meet your soul mate or to simply have fun by way of flirting, chat lines are the best way to go!

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Are the chat line users real?

Most people ask this question quite a lot. They are often amazed by the numerous chat line users who are always available regardless of the time of the day. The answer to their question is pretty simple and straightforward. Yes, chat line users are as real as global warming, and if you are lucky, you might land on a hot date.

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Do chat lines have age restriction?

Most conversations held in chat lines are erotic. The language used by the callers is quite explicit. Therefore, it is obvious that minors are not allowed to use the chat line services. All callers must be of legal age or above 18 years old.

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How secure are the chat lines?

If you are worried about the safety of your identity and privacy of your conversations, rest assured that chat lines make use of a highly-secure platform that guarantees top confidentiality. They utilize a system that makes use of the latest technology to ensure that every caller stays anonymous and every conversation stays private. Additionally, all chat lines use end-to-end encryption to ensure that all conversations will not leak to third parties.

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Who uses the chat lines?

Millions of people looking for friendship, fun conversations and potential partners use the chat lines. These people are just like you – they use chat line services purely for the thrill. Chat line users are not paid to chat with you. Their only reward is finding a compatible person to bond with.

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Are chat lines free?

Like any other elite dating platform, chat line services are not free. However, new members get to enjoy free trial minutes offered by the chat lines before they can subscribe and start paying. Chat lines are lenient to all first-time callers and they don’t make extra charges. If you are interested in a particular chat line and you want to continue using their services, check out their subscription rates and packages to learn how you can have the best deal and value for your money.

Testimonials From Our Chat Line Callers

With decades of trying to find an ideal partner through dating sites, I finally gave up and decided to give chat lines a try. I still remember the first day I used chat line services like it was yesterday and all I can say is that I do not regret subscribing to chat line services. My favorite is Social Voice USA.

Jeremy S.

Miami, FL

Chat lines offer the best experience anyone can ever ask for. To be honest, I was rather tired of putting up my pictures on dating sites. The disappointment that came with such sites was unbearable and heartbreaking. Chat lines have turned the tables, and if you want to have fun and date an ideal man who is real and true to himself, I suggest you try using the service of a chat line of your choice.

Rebecca L.

Los Angeles, CA

After breaking up with my fiancé of nine years, I was convinced that my life was over. I thought that I had nothing to live for because my world had fallen apart. Come to think of it; the breakup was a blessing in disguise. After living in a miserable world of self-pity for a few months, I finally decided to give chat lines a try. This very day, I look into the eyes of my beautiful wife and become grateful for ever giving chat lines a chance.

Tim B.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

After coming back from Iraq, I struggled with PTSD and had no one to talk to who would understand what I was going through. My therapist suggested that I try using chat line services. At first, I was hesitant. When I finally checked them out, I was amazed by how much technology can do. Six months later, I came across the love of my life who was apparently going through the same condition as mine. We chatted for hours every day until we decided to give dating a shot. Today, I can gladly shout at the top of my lungs that I am proud to be called Mrs. Johnson by my friends and colleagues.

Claudia S.

Tampa, FL

Chat lines were my beacon of hope during the darkest times of my life. After my wife passed away, I became depressed and resorted to the bottle. The habit soon led to the use of other hardcore drugs, and when the situation got out of hand, my friends and family checked me into rehab. When I was discharged upon recovering from my addictions, I felt lonely and isolated. All that changed when a friend suggested that I make use of chat lines. Were it not for chat lines; I would be a depressed addict with no hope or ambitions.

Charles B.

Brooklyn, NY

At first, it felt somewhat awkward using chat line services. I thought that it was a waste of time and it would probably lead to nothing. I decided to use the free trials offered by different chat lines, and I’m amazed at what 15 minutes can do when talking to a stranger. Today, I find chat lines to be addictive in a good way. Give them a try; you won’t regret it

Sterling R.

Manhattan, NY


phone call 866 244-6458

60 Mins Free | No Card Needed

GuySpy Voice

phone call 855-245-9062

60 Mins Free | No Card Needed


phone call 855 897-4739

30 Mins Free | No Card Needed

RedHot Dateline

phone call 877 328-5373

30 Mins Free | No Card Needed


phone call 877 437-9731

30 Mins Free | No Card Needed

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