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RedHot Dateline is the naughtiest chat line in the phone dating industry that has been providing erotic phone dating services since its inception in 2002. It's the ideal phone line for singles that are after phone sex and want to express their sensuous and most erotic sexual fantasies on a private phone line.

RedHot Dateline operates 24/7 in Canada and the United States of America. It provides innovative features, such as local matching, instant connections, and a favorite caller list. RedHot Dateline, with its technologically-advanced phone system, it protects the privacy of its users by encrypting every information and conversation. After completing a conversation, the phone system automatically deletes any record from RedHot Dateline.

RedHot Dateline has provided us with a free 60-minute trial number of its service for those who want to try and experience its smoking hotline.

Packages (After 60-Min Trial)

10 Minutes $4.99

40 Minutes $9.99

60 Minutes $29.99

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What's RedHot Dateline?

RedHot Dateline is a chat line to privately exchange erotic conversations with callers from the United States of America and Canada. RedHot Dateline is the most popular adult chat line among all options available. It has been operative since 2002 and has been offering free trial minute packages for new callers since 2010. RedHot Dateline sustains its business with user purchases of affordable minute packages.

RedHot Dateline doesn't limit its chat line to only straight erotic conversations but also divides its chat line between multiple categories to serve various user needs, such as lesbian and gay conversations.

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What Makes RedHot Dateline Different From Other Chat Lines?

RedHot Dateline stands out from other chat lines because of the kinds of conversations shared, which are mostly erotically related. RedHot Dateline's default options and features make it easy and convenient for callers to indulge in erotic conversations with ease and without worrying about their privacy.

Besides the bolder conversations, RedHot Dateline also offers an uninterrupted service, a customer support team available through the same phone line, and distinct features like heated ice-breaker messages, immediate local connections, and full privacy at all times.

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RedHot Dateline Callers

RedHot Dateline has reported that the standard user on its adult chat line is a single man or woman above 18 years old with a busy schedule and seeks casual phone sex encounters to break the monotony of their lifestyle.

The statistics shared by RedHot Dateline show that 65% of users that have used the initial free trial and have communicated with at least two people on the chat line end up calling again within 24 hours. After the first two calls, users tend to get more comfortable exchanging erotic topics on the phone line.

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Purchasing Minutes on RedHot Dateline

There are two ways to purchase minutes on RedHot Dateline, through its website or chat line. It has three-tier packages of 10 minutes, 40 minutes, and 60 minutes for you to pick based on your needs. Here is a detailed explanation of how to purchase minutes on RedHot Dateline.

  • Purchase minutes through the chat line system. The easiest and fastest way is through RedHot Dateline's chat line. Navigate to the main menu of the phone line and pick the option for "Add minutes". The phone line system will require you to choose a minute package and enter your preferred payment method using your telephone keypad. After the purchase, the voice prompt will notify you of the success of the purchase, and the minutes will be automatically added to the account.
  • Purchase minutes through the website. Go to the website and look for the "Add Minutes" section. Then simply enter your phone number, amount of minutes, and your preferred payment method. After successfully processing the purchase, the minutes will be automatically added to your chat line account.
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How RedHot Dateline Works

Getting started with RedHot Dateline is simple. RedHot Dateline allows incoming calls from anywhere in North America by calling the toll-free number provided on this page. Here are the steps to get started on RedHot Dateline.

  • 1. Find RedHot Dateline's phone number. You will find the direct phone number of RedHot Dateline throughout our platform. To make it easier, the direct phone number of RedHot Dateline is 877 328-5373. RedHot Dateline uses a toll-free number to connect callers to its chat line, and with it, no charges are applied by any phone carrier.
  • 2. Set up a public profile. On RedHot Dateline, your greeting profile is everything. RedHot Dateline uses your greeting profile to show it to active callers on the phone line. We recommend that your profile includes your hobbies, aspirations, and what you're looking for to get.
  • 3. Listen to online callers. After recording your greeting, RedHot Dateline will place you on the group of available callers where you'll listen to their recorded greetings. Make sure you listen carefully and decide which callers fit you best based on their recorded profile. After finding a caller you like, simply submit an invitation request to a private conversation.
  • 4. Enjoy the private conversation. If a caller accepts your invitation to a private conversation, RedHot Dateline will take your phone line and merge it with the other caller. At this point, your free trial minutes on RedHot Dateline are being deducted. If you no longer want to share a private conversation with the caller or you want to save minutes, you can end the conversation by pressing * at any time.
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RedHot Dateline Features

RedHot Dateline offers the hottest features for callers to enjoy spicy phone conversations with other callers through its phone lines. Here are the key features that users can expect to enjoy on RedHot Dateline:

  • Full Privacy. Calls are private, safe, and uncensored. You are free to get wild, and no one will ever find out your real identity or phone number.
  • Real People. Talk to real strangers without having to go through operators.
  • Free Trials Available. A free trial is available 24/7 for new callers that sign up on RedHot Dateline.
  • Unmonitored Phone Conversations. You are free to express your wildest sexual fantasies and have them fulfilled as you please.
  • Fast Sign-Up Process. Just call, create a profile, and start your phone date adventures.
  • Anonymity. There's no need to provide your personal information for you to use RedHot Dateline.