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Interactive Male caters to chatting and other dating requirements for gays, bi's and curious individuals. Being the hottest and most popular gay chat line in your area, it will help you interact with guys in the safest way possible. You don't have to worry about the prejudice you will get when interacting with guys. Whether you want to have a quick chat to get to know the person, or have a hot conversation that you always desire, Interactive Male chat line can help you. All members will have the opportunity to connect with sexy gay men right in their location or across the country.

If you are not comfortable about disclosing personal information, no need to worry is not required, and not recommended. Interactive Male will be a discrete place wherein you can explore yourself better. We know that you are wondering if that hot guy in your area or that young-looking man you're eyeing at is on any dating site. Why not see for yourself?

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What Makes Interactive Male More Interesting?

It's more than just a chat line. You may be surprised by the number of members that Interactive Male have. You can choose whom you want to have a steamy conversation with. How about having a personal mailbox? This chat line can give you that! Any person can leave you steaming hot messages 24/7 in case you are offline. You don't need to worry if you missed out on any hot guys out there.

Interactive Male also gives you an option to put a person into your hotlist. It's like putting that person in your favorite list. By hot listing that person, you will be notified once he is online. Through this feature, both of you can interact with each other right away.

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What Features to Enjoy in Interactive Male

Being a pioneer in the gay chat line community, Interactive Male has numerous features that will make you want to try it out right away. We have noted here some of the most outstanding features that can get you more excited.

  • Personal Mailbox and Live Connector

    Through your private mailbox, hot guys can leave you messages even if you're offline. You also have the option to leave messages. You won't feel pressured about responding because you can check your mailbox any time you want. On the other hand, Live Connector is like having your private date. You can browse amongst all the sexy members by listening to their greetings. If you feel turned on by their voice greetings, you can simply send an invitation for a private interaction. You can do anything you want to fulfill your need and to satisfy your thirst for private conversation

  • Hot and Steamy Chat Dates

    This chat line allows you to make a choice. You can interact with someone from your neighborhood or from across the country. You won't have a problem choosing because of the wide variety of hot members. Take note, you can have live phone interaction with real people. Thus, you don't have to worry at all about chatting with a robot.

  • Safe and Secure

    You don't have to worry about the chat line's safety profile and security. It is always your choice if you want to share more about yourself. The chat line will not require you to fill in details that will make you uncomfortable. You can always keep your identity confidential while interacting.

  • You can just be yourself

    With its security features, you don't have to worry about your actions. Whether you want to be discrete, play sweet or have a spicy conversation with the guy on the other line, you don't have to feel shy about it. You can just indulge yourself in uncensored talks and go with the flow!

  • Language Choice

    Do you prefer hot gay chat in English or Spanish? No worries! Interactive Male is open to both languages.

  • Add That Guy to your Favorites!

    Yes, you can talk to that hot guy again. And yes, you will be notified whenever he's online. Take your conversation to another level by adding him to your hot list. Send him a message so that when he goes online, he'll have the great surprise of his life. You can go on and fulfill all your other fantasies with him.

  • More members, more hot guys

    Interactive Male chat line has a lot of hot members. You can choose any of these hot gays and start fulfilling their desires. In return, they can help you achieve your own.

  • Morning Grind

    All paid members can have free interactions in the Live Connector from 6AM-7AM daily. Now, mornings couldn't get any more exciting! You have more reasons to get up on your pajamas and to transform your night fantasies into a reality. Stop controlling your urges and start sharing them now. You'll have more good mornings than you can ever imagine.

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How Can I Start Interacting with Hot, Sexy Gay Men?

Easy-Peasy! All you have to do is to call the local number. From there, the chat line's customer service will guide you through the subscription types. Remember, being a member has its advantages (more guys!), so grab that exclusive package. Once subscribed, record your chat greeting to earn invites from other users. You can start browsing through the greetings of other guys while they listen to yours, too! Heard anyone who makes you feel excited? Go ahead and send a message. If both of you want to get intimate, request for private conversation to make it more fun.

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Free Trials

Not sure yet? Interactive Male offers a 30-minute free trial for every caller. No credit card is required. All you have to do is to call your local number, select your language and press the pound (#) key, afterward. If your name is eligible for the free trial, grab the chance to use it and have the best freebie you can imagine.

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Sounds exciting? Are you starting to feel the thrill already? Don't hesitate to make inquiries now. Just call the 1-800 numbers anytime and any day to get help.