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Lavender line is a private and secure chat line that is specifically designed for ladies with similar interests who are also looking for the same things as you are. This chat line is ideal for phone dates and is the most suitable venue to satisfy your sexual impulses. Many individuals find this chat line reliable, legit and safe to use.

It doesn't make a difference whether you are looking for some casual hookup, a lasting relationship or friendship. Basically, it can cater a variety of preferences. and Lavender Line partnered to also offers a 30-minute free trial which is guaranteed. All the enrolled profiles in their system are genuine and it takes pride on its solid community. Since Lavender Line is a mindful and real source for lesbian chat line benefits, it does not employ models for communication with the clients. Members are guaranteed to speak with real individuals with real needs.

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Review of Lavender Line

This chat line offers grown-up women a chance to browse through different voice profiles of local lesbians from North America and Canada. The chat line's feature enables one-on-one communication amongst its clients. It makes it possible for users to engage in private conversations and to establish real connections with other users.

The clients who are enrolled on the Lavender Chat line may avail its generous free-trial. This feature grants them a chance to navigate through the free services. If you find it interesting and energizing, you could avail different accessible bundles for membership. The plans of subscription provided by the platform feature the basic package for the visitors and top-value membership packages for the advanced users.

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Free chat lines and Lavender Line

Lavender Line works in association with Free Chat lines in offering a 30-minute free trial to all the new users. In this instructive and honest survey about the Lavender Line, you will discover the significance of this chat line. This chat line offers lesbians and ladies who are bi-inquisitive a chance to locate their ideal partners. It is known for its community of hot and alluring ladies whom you can talk or play with. In addition to that, this chat line also guarantees privacy and safety amongst its users.

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What to expect from lavender Line?

If you are a lady who likes making new acquaintances and you have an enthusiasm for new experiences, Lavender Line is the ideal platform for your endeavors. This platform has strong conviction that fruitful relationships start with meaningful conversations. Moreover, you can depend on this site to find you a partner with the same interests as you. There are many individuals in this chat line that you may find interesting and engaging enough.

Lavender Line has a handful of helpful and unique features. The company has solid experience in social interaction, telephone dates, and chat lines. It has established a positive reputation over the years.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Chat privacy

    If you value your privacy, this platform will suit you. Their services are totally private and permit women to converse with other users anonymously. They can talk in total anonymity from behind a wall until they are ready to disclose their identity.

  • Special feature

    When you are using Lavender Line, you could maximize the special feature of instant connection which allows you to send requests to other users and instantly connect with them either through messages or phone calls.

  • Any nuisance?

    The Lavender Line Platform also enables you to block users who are irritating and to avoid stalkers or users who give you discomfort. If you do not like to share voice messages with a specific caller, you may block that user. Through this feature, you are free to discourage annoying callers from disturbing you. After blocking a user, they will no longer be able to send you any voice message. Additionally, the blocked caller will no longer be able to listen to your recorded messages.

  • Prompt reporting system

    You can notify the system about a certain user in case you feel that they have violated the terms and conditions of the platform. This guideline implies that you may report a user if they are below the legal age, lied about their gender and portrayed bad behavior when speaking to you on the phone.

  • Easy sign up

    The platform's sign up process is simple and easy to use. It follows a step-by-step process which is easy to follow when setting up your account.

  • Affordable payment packages

    Their dynamic payment packages can suit different budget requirements. They also have a new lifestyle package which offers you a monthly, weekly or daily unlimited access at an affordable and reasonable price.

  • Effective customer care services

    This chat line has a highly efficient customer care service to address you concerns. Furthermore, their telephone system utilizes a live connector feature that allows users to perform basic actions such as flagging callers, blocking the present caller, unblocking callers, sending messages and holding the conversation.

  • Access to Lavender Line information

    The chat line offers a lot of content. If you are new to this service, you can access various informative articles offered by Lavender Line. For example, you can familiarize the dos' and don'ts in creating your chat line greeting, ways to protect your details, dating tips and more.

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Bonus Free Trial

Lavender line also offers a 30-minute free trial. During your free trial, you can send individual messages to other ladies on the platform and reply to private messages. The free trial, in any case, limits access to the one-on-one chat feature.

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An Easy process

You can talk to the users on the platform right now. Simply call and press * to start your free trial! And start listening to the greetings of other callers.

Through Lavender Line's live connector, you can:

  • Check out other users
  • Send out an invitation to another user. Once your chat invitation has been accepted, you can proceed to have a private conversation
  • Send out messages to other users
  • Receive chat invitations
  • Record your chat greeting which other users can hear and access through the system
  • Block and unblock certain callers
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Lavender line offers a secure and safe platform for women who have sexual interests with other women. It provides a private and discreet opportunity to meet female partners. What happens in this platform is kept private. You can stay anonymous; thus, users can share their erotic fantasies without any fear.

The free trial on this platform gives you a chance to be familiar with the features of the website. The simple sign up process also makes it very convenient for users to enter the system and get started with the whole process of live interaction.