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Are you gay or perhaps, straight? Do you want to get to know more people but not sure how? MegaMates can be of help to you. MegaMates is one of the pioneers in gay phone dating. Being able to operate in more than 75 cities around the U.S., it helps people to explore, make friends, have fun, and just be themselves. Anyone is welcome in this chat line- straight, gay, bi-sexual, or lesbian. It provides an interactive and safe way to meet new people according to their preference.

MegaMates chat line wants you to feel secure. Aside from the fact that a member should already be 18 years old or above, everything else is confidential. It's actually up to you if you want to share some information with the participant on the other line. MegaMates is a safe and trusted site. It will not disclose any of your personal information.

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What Am I Getting Into?

Connecting with people can be overwhelming. The age of social media makes us communicate with people via instant messaging or texting. Does this make anything more interesting? Will you be able to know the sincerity of the person if you cannot hear his or her voice? It can get quite tricky.

MegaMates can help you speak to people and build a connection. Isn't it more exciting if you hear the person voice? Don't you feel more important if they can call you and be interactive? This is what this chat line is promoting.

MegaMates offers you packages that can satisfy your fantasies. You will also have your personal mailbox for public messages. It also allows you to add your favorite people in your hotlist. Add that person to your hotlist so you can interact with that person again and continue where you left off last time.

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What Should I Expect?

It helps you find your perfect match and make the most out of it. Creating an experience is what you will get. It has a whole lot of features barely available in other dating chat lines.

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Direct Connection

With its unique feature, you can get into action even if you are not in the system. You can receive or initiate calls at any time of the day. You can also select the time you are online to receive calls. This works for someone who is busy but still wants to be active in meeting new peeps.

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Live Chat

Even in other social media platforms, chatting with a person you seem to be interested in is the first step for initiate interaction. The process is basically the same with MegaMates. You will be able to browse through the members online, and if you hear someone that makes your heart skip a bit, you can always send a Chat Request. Each message can make you feel the excitement and thrill that this chat line has to offer.

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Pre-paid Messaging

Want the other party to get your message anytime, anywhere, even without internet connection? Send that special someone a prepaid message. You can make that person feel special by expressing your thoughts for him or her anytime.

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Computerized Matching

If you are the type of person who has specific criteria, MegaMates' automatic matching will help you find that special someone. By answering a few questions, it will do the work for you and find handsome and beautiful people in the system that suits your description.

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Speech Recognition

Are you a multi-tasking person? No need to worry because MegaMates is supported by voice recognition that allows you to navigate through its system by using your voice command. There's no more lag time in case you are doing something.

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Message Retrieval

Described as the most availed paid feature of the system, this helps you build more connections. This enables you to listen and receive messages from other people. This can also help lessen your search and start from somewhere with ease. Have you lost hope that the person you sent a letter to a couple of days ago would ever respond? And then all of a sudden that person returned the favor by using this feature! Your lull moment can indeed suddenly become more exciting and thrilling!

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Will it Make Me Feel Comfortable?

Now, we also initially said that this system promotes safety. Not only that, but it also wants everyone to have fun regardless of sex, race or the color of their skin. It does not, in any way, encourage any illicit activities. It recognizes the fact that everyone deserves acceptance and should not be put in any unsafe situation.

Being anonymous can make you feel better since there is no pressure in presenting yourself in a certain way. Unless you reveal who you are on the other line, you can act as you please. You don't have to feel ashamed about anything because you can stay anonymous. You can also be yourself and set your own boundaries and limitations. You are free to get to know more people and play by your rules — no judgment from anyone and just pure fun conversations.

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What to say in my public message?

Your public message serves as your introduction. Remember, be yourself! Do you want to have a sexy, jolly or approachable tone? Speak with clarity and confidence! Attract more people by stating your preferences; what you are good at, what you're looking for and your interests in life. Be honest about what you're looking for. Nobody will judge you even if you're merely looking for a sexy time. Too shy to record your public message alone? Invite a friend to join or help you out. Just remember, each of you should introduce yourselves genuinely. After registering your message, listen to it. Make sure you are satisfied with how it turns out.

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Why Is He/ She Still Bothering Me?

Don't worry! If you are not interested on hearing from that caller again, there's a block feature in the system. This way, everyone can be happy and no additional activities or nuisances would get in the way from both parties. Are you still alarmed? MegaMates' customer service representatives are there to help you solve your issues.

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How Can I Join?

Call the Gay/Straight chat line to get started! The *1-888 number can help you if you have more inquiries.

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How do i get a premium membership?

Your personal information with MegaMates is secure and safe. You can pay using your credit/debit card, check-by-phone, Western Union or even through check or money order. MegaMates also has a 30-minute free trial for every caller with no credit card requirement