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Case Study: Chet, and Her Chat Line Journey

By Summer Corkran

Hi everyone.

The following is a short email from a long time user of, named Chet. I was so impressed by her story that I asked her if I could post her email on the blog, and she said yes. So here you go. Enjoy.

Chet's E-mail:

Hey, Summer.

My name’s Chet. Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of your work. I’ve used for years, and it’s helped me through some very hard parts of my life.

I’m happily married now (thanks to your chat lines), but years ago, I was alone and miserable, desperate to find someone to love. My story began shortly after a nasty breakup. I don’t want to give any details, but suffice to say I was very emotionally invested in that relationship and the fact that it ended so abruptly had devastated me emotionally.

It was like my life had fallen apart. I didn’t know what I should do next. I fell into a deep emotional hole, and I spent the next few weeks trying to piece my life back together.

Eventually, I decided that the best way for me to deal with the problem was to simply get back in the game. So I decided to start dating and flirting again.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well. I spent the next few months being miserable and trying all kinds of dating schemes, from online dating to social media. None of them worked, which only made things worse for me. So I decided to try calling a free chat line. Chat lines weren’t my first choice but I was running out of options, and so I gave it a try.

After all, most of the chat lines were free, so it’s not like I had anything to lose.

I’ve heard about free chat lines before, but I always thought that they were sleazy places where creepy people talked about their fetishes. It turned out that I was wrong. Looking back at my earlier preconceptions, I realized that chat lines were more complex than what their reputations suggested. Sure, they have plenty of creeps but then again so do most communities.

So timidly and with a little hope, I called my first chat line. The whole experience was neither good nor bad, but it was a new experience. So I decided to try it again. After all, what else did I have to lose?

I didn’t get good results initially, and I’ve had several bad experiences along the way. I was just about to quit when I encountered a few great people. They weren’t creepy, mean, or nasty at all, and they were surprisingly nice. My conversations covered a broad range of topics, from innocent topics like pop culture and work, too complicated topics, like romance and long term relationships.

I can’t say that I’m an expert when it comes to chat line conversations but I did impress a few people, and several of them even wanted to meet in person. It felt great. I felt great, and over time, my experiences with free chat lines improved and I began to explore other platforms and other communities.

I became addicted. I wanted to use chat lines more often, but using just about any platform was not enough. I wanted something better. I wanted a platform that suited my particular needs and preferences; a platform that attracted people like me. So I started looking around. I tried a lot of things and discarded the vast majority of them.

It was a slow process, but for me, it was all part of the learning process. I had encountered all kinds of people and communities but many of them weren’t quite right for me. Some chat lines featured people from far away, while others made me feel like I didn’t belong in them. It was a complicated process, but I eventually found platforms that suited my needs, and I found them through the help of a website:

I was looking for new chatlines on the internet, specifically romantic chatlinesthat catered to my particular age demographic. That’s how I found Not only did your site offer a lot of useful information on different types of chat lines, it also helped me find those that suited my particular needs.

Your site also taught me about chat line etiquette. I learned how to avoid people that I wouldn’t like and how to meet people that I did I like. I also learned how to write winning introductory messages as well as all sorts of useful information.

The more I used, the better my experiences with chat lines became, and I eventually met people whom I enjoyed talking to. Some were fun, casual, while others were deep. Time passed by and I became somewhat of an expert when it came to chat lines. Not only did I learn how to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, I also developed a better instinct when it came to meeting new people. I learned which types of people were serious and which ones were just after some fun.

I also learned a few things about myself that I had never suspected before. Before I began using chat lines, I was just Chet, a lonely girl looking for love. Eventually, I became Chet, a girl who had standards. I wanted a man who was serious; who was sensitive to my needs; who could disagree with me without being confrontational; and who could make me smile every now and then.

I had really grown as a person, and as strange as it sounds, it was all because of the chat lines.

Eventually, I met someone I liked. Let’s call him Bill. Bill was like me in many ways. He was new to chat lines, and I ended up showing him the ropes so to speak. He was a little awkward at first but he eventually got the hang of things.

I can’t say that Bill and I immediately fell for one another. It didn’t work that way. We enjoyed each other’s company but we were still open to the idea of meeting other people. We’d chat with one another every now again, but we weren’t exclusively meeting with one another.

What we did have was consistency. I liked talking to Bill and he liked talking to me. People came and went throughout my chat line experiences, but Bill was always there for me, and it was fun. Slowly but surely, we became closer to one another and before we knew it, we were really close. He loved me, and I loved him, and it was the kind of love that was rooted in familiarity. We found comfort in one another and we learned to love each other and eventually, we decided to meet up.

Months passed and then we got engaged. And today, we are happily married.

We no longer use chat lines as much as we used to, but we talk about them every once in a while. After all that’s how we met one another. When we do use chat lines, we always do it together and always only for fun. You can meet some really interesting characters on a chat lines, and since it’s free (for me anyways), there’s really no reason for me to stop using them. So I’m still on chat lines even to this day, and it’s a great way to spend my free time.

Chat lines Are Still Fun Even After Our Marriage.

Looking back at my story, I am really grateful to all the chat lines that I used. Not only did they help me recover from a particularly bad relationship, they also helped me to grow as person and, of course, they allowed me to meet Bill.

They also helped me come out of my shell. I was a really introverted person, and I still am to a certain degree, but chatting with people on phone lines has really helped me to overcome most of my limitations.

Today, I can talk to almost anyone on the phone, and do so assertively. I no longer get nervous when talking to strangers and most importantly, I’m very confident. All this was due to my experiences on chat lines. I talked to so many types of people on a daily basis that talking and chatting has become part of my instinct. It’s also become one of my best skills.

Final Note

This is why I am so thankful for free chat lines. Aside from the fact that they allowed me to talk to all kinds of people for free, they also helped me to grow as a person. I am sure that I wouldn’t be where I am right now without the help of

Well, I think ranted enough for now. Thanks for reading this, Summer. I’m really glad you made and I hope that you will continue your project. Good luck to you and all your future projects.

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January 4, 2020, 11:26 am

This is just the sweetest thing ever … they got married .. congrats Chet & Bill! I love stories like this. True stories of love on a chatline! You would never think a chatline would be the place to find your future hubby...but for some people, it is! Just like some people meet their future hubby at a funeral, and some meet theirs at a wedding, some meet theirs at a bar, others meet theirs online. It doesn’t matter where yoyu meet them as long as you meet them right? I am totally loving this story. This just goes to show you that this site is real when you read stories like Chets!!!