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How to Know When to Break Up and End Your Relationship

By Grant R.

Now, before you break up with someone strictly because they just don’t like something that you love, you should really step back and ask yourself “can you see yourself without this person?”. Also, ask yourself if they are improving your life or hurting your life.

If the answer is no, and they aren’t hurting you either, then the two of you may have some work to do.

If the answer is yes, and they seem to bring you harm however, then just get rid of them already.

But if you’re stressing out at work during the day, up crying at odd times of the night, all because you are so confused that you don’t know whether to stay or go, we’ve come up with some wonderful ways to know when it’s time to break-up for good.

Be 100% honest with yourself when deciding if this relationship is meant for you or not, failing to be honest with yourself could cost you much more pain in the immediate future as opposed to the minuscule pain you might feel now just by telling yourself the truth.

Not to mention, you could be saving your partner a lot of pain as well.

Ways to Know it’s Time to Move On

1. Your Feelings for Them Have Completely Changed

Burning the old memories.
If your feeling have changed, then it might be time to move on.

One of the hardest parts of a relationship is keeping it going and livening it up enough to keep that spark alive. But if and when your feelings completely change and do a 180 so to speak, it’s almost impossible to reignite that flame that once burned ‘oh so bright’.

This is why it’s important to cherish what you have, while you have it. Once it’s gone, it could be gone for good. When your feelings have exited stage left and hit the ground running, it’s time for the relationship to hit that exit door also.

Unless the two of you can find a way to rekindle what you had in the beginning (and you’ll know in your heart if it’s really worth the fight), it’s not really worth the push and the pull coupled with all of the emotions that come with it, if the relationship isn’t even worth saving.

You won’t be able to just “get your feelings back” for them if this person isn’t meant to be “the one” for you. Besides, letting go of someone and taking a break isn’t always a bad thing, some of the strongest relationships are of couples who took time away from each other and sometimes still do take time away from each other.

Taking time away will make the heart grow fonder and you’ll miss them and long for them, and vice versa. So if your feelings have in fact changed (or theirs has) you could always try this method of time away and apart to see if it rekindles those feelings you once had.

2. Neither of You Can Ever Agree on Anything

Mad couple discussing on a bench.
If you and your partner don't agree on any point, it might be a good reason to stop dating.

There’s a huge difference between opposites that attract and total opposites that can’t agree with each other. Relationships are all about compromise and if you two can’t even agree on one thing, you will never have a good, healthy relationship.

It’s not healthy to have a relationship where nobody is happy and let’s face it, nobody is happy in a relationship where you aren’t getting to do the things you love with the one you love.

Honestly, it’s not much of a loving relationship at all when the other person doesn’t want to compromise and do things you want sometimes, so the mere act of not wanting to go along with you is kind-of showing how they feel. And if there’s one saying I’ll never forget it’s “when someone shows you how they feel, believe them”.

3. Way Too Much Fighting

Couple fighting and arguing.
Fighting too much creates toxicity to a relationship, it might be better to take a break from the relationship.

Of course, too much fighting is absolutely a relationship killer, especially if you get nasty and/or violent during an argument. It’s not only all of the arguing that gets tiring but think about all of those negative things you yell and speak during an argument too.

That’s not to mention anyone that gets violent during an argument.

It’s actually 100% healthy to have some fights every now and then, relationships actually thrive and grow from hardships with one another. But too much of it and it can sink a ship, quickly.

But keep throwing rocks in your ship and guess what happens?

The fewer fights you have, the better of course, but any time you do fight just get to the root of it and determine what made you so mad in the first place, fix it, and then throw it out so it doesn't drown the two of you, metaphorically.

If you fight all of the time, nothing is ever solved, and nobody is ever heard, which leads to a pretty crappy relationship.

4. One of You Has Lost Interest

Couple fighting about no passion on the relationship.
When there's no more passion in a relationship it might be time to take a break.

I can tell you from past experience that one tell-all sign of not being compatible any longer is losing the passion that you once had, and even losing the sexual attraction to them that you once had. There are ways to get that back if it’s worth it, but if the relationship ain’t worth it hunny, it’s time to go!

One of the worst feelings ever is being in a relationship with someone you once had so much love and passion for and now not feeling any of that anymore. It’s super painful to the one still in love and it’s super painful for you. Just because you aren’t in love any longer doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt you, nobody plans to fall out of love.

Whether you’ve lost love, passion, desire, or attraction, if this is the case it’s time to take a long look at where you stand with them and where you see yourself in the next several years - with or without them? Is this something that you should try to work on or is the attraction so far gone it’s beyond repair?

5. You’re Interested in Someone Else

Heart broken, and lost feelings.
If you're interested in someone else, then, you must be sincere with your partner and let go the relationship.

I’m a firm believer that if a woman (or man) is with someone and that person is giving someone else all of their time instead of the one they call their own, that woman (or man) should go sleep with the hottest single in town, blast it in their face, then dump them on the spot cause that’s what they deserve.

Giving your love to someone else is a huge no-no in pretty much every relationship (unless you’re polygamous) and typically is frowned upon in most cultures. Even if you aren’t exactly giving yourself physically to another person, if your heart or mind is with someone else and not the one you’re supposed to be present with - it’s probably time to leave.

Nobody deserves to be cheated on mentally, physically, or emotionally except for a cheater, so play your cards right.

Check out our article "How To Find Someone On Tinder" if you suspect your partner is still out there on the dating scene, trying to sneak behind your back.

6. There’s No Trust or Forgiveness for Something That Happened

Woman crying because of the lack of trust in the relationship.
When there's no trust between one of the sides of the relationship, it should be a clear sign that you need to stop dating.

Trust is one of the biggest factors in a relationship and without it, you mine as well not even be together.

Having distrust in someone is only going to make you question them and your entire relationship, the two of you will never have time with your friends (at least not without a fight) and you’ll both be miserable and end up lying to each other just to keep each other happy.

If you or your partner can’t forgive for something that happened, but they act as if they want to, it might be time to call it quits (or seek counseling if you think it’s worth it).

There’s never going to be growth in a relationship where there’s no trust and you can’t be forgiven for mistakes that they themselves promised to put behind them.

Someone who won’t forgive you is always going to hold you accountable for things you don’t even do wrong, which will end up killing not just the other person but the whole relationship.

It’s best to take yourself away from people who can’t forgive or trust you, and also people that you can’t forgive or trust.

7. You Don’t See a Future Between the Two of You

Man crying in front of a river.
When you and your partner have different goals in life, it might be better to part away breaking up the relationship.

Unless you are dating the person for fun and games if you can’t see yourself with them in the future then what’s the point of being with them? Even if it’s something strictly sexual, if you wouldn’t want them in the future the sex can’t be that great, right?

Dating people and meeting people to hang out with on a romantic basis is meant to show you and guide you towards finding that one person that you’re supposed to be with and have a future with. If you aren’t or they aren’t looking for that, you shouldn’t be dating, you should just be fucking and that’s it.

No hanging out, no going to the movies, no dinner, no nothing - just sex. There’s no point in doing things meant for couples if you (or they) don’t want to be a couple and have a future together.

8. They Can’t Stop Doing Things You Don’t Approve of

They can't stop doing things you don't like.
They can't stop doing things you don't like.

Probably the best reason to break up would be due to someone always doing things that you don’t like or don’t approve of. Such as cheating, why continue to waste your time with someone who just cheats on you when you could be with someone who doesn’t?

Even with smaller things in life like maybe they drink or go out to the club, and you’ve never been that type of person so you hate it and you hate who they become when they do.

When someone continuously does things that we are disapproving of, it almost builds an invisible wall between you and that person and can really make you despise them, instead of fall in love with them like you should be doing.

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