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Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

By Grant Rogers

You catch her looking at you. She smiles coyly before breaking eye contact. A lot of girls do this all the time to express their interest in a guy. For those who are not bold enough to make a move, it's a waiting game. A guy can either approach the girl to introduce himself and initiate a conversation or ignore the gesture. Clear Enough, Nothing Is for Certain.

By social norms, guys are expected to make the first move on a girl. Even though times have changed and many girls are capable of openly expressing themselves by making the first move, nothing comes close to the chasing game. Girls call this the watch-and-wait rule.

According to a relationship survey conducted in Canada, about 90% of men will make the first move. Only 19% of women are willing to approach a guy first, while 70% will not make the first move at all. Although culture plays a vital role in the research, it is undeniable that most girls would appreciate it if a guy approaches them first. The least they could do is throw away some obvious signals for a guy to use as leverage.

What are the clear signs that a girl wants you to make a move? How would you know if a girl is demonstrating the watch-and-wait rule? Here are some indications that she's encouraging you to make a move on her;

1. She Constantly Makes Eye Contact With You.

She makes eye contact with you.

Does she often look your way to make eye contact? If you constantly catch her staring at you expressively, there is a huge chance that she wants you to make a move. Most girls are typically too shy to approach a guy first to express their interest.

However, it doesn't mean that they are helpless in revealing what they feel. Those awkward and brief eye contacts mean something, especially if they are becoming more frequent. The next time your eyes meet, watch out for the sparks and fireworks to confirm your chemistry.

2. Flirts Over the Phone.

Another sign that a girl wants you to make a move is if she's flirting with you over the phone. It could be through text messages, chat, or an actual phone call. Either way, you have to keep your radar on to catch the signals.

Some of the clear signs that she's flirting with you over the phone are; suppressed giggles, sexy voice tone, laughter over your jokes, and GIFs or emojis that suggest something.

3. She Calls or Texts You First.

A girl that makes an effort to text or call you first to ask how you are doing could be sending you some signals. If she sends you cute emojis, funny jokes, and hilarious stuff randomly, it is a sure indication that she wants you to notice her.

Additionally, a phone call that's meant to initiate a casual talk can further confirm that she's urging you to make a move on her. It could be her way of conveying that she's interested in you and is waiting for you to finish what she has started.

4. She Finds a Way to Be With You.

Girls know when a guy needs a little push. If you notice that she's finding a way or an excuse to be with you, the chances are that she is waiting for you to make a move on her. A girl who doesn't mind having a private moment with a guy communicates a lot of things.

It could be that she's giving you a chance to level up your game, wants to have a personal conversation with you, or is waiting for you to ask her out, among many other things. Whatever the circumstances are, if a girl goes out of her way to be alone with you, it means that she's giving you the go signal to make a move forward.

5. She Doesn't Mind You Touching Her.

Whether it's just a playful rub on the back, a gentle pat on the arm, or a friendly tap on the shoulder, a girl who doesn't mind you touching her is a good sign. It means that she likes you enough to perceive having physical contact with you as a pleasant experience.

If you can put your arm around her shoulder without feeling any form of resistance from her and without sensing discomfort, it is a favorable sign that she appreciates you being touchy-feely with her. It could also mean that she welcomes the idea of you making advancements on her.

6. She Wants to Get to Know You Better.

If she asks questions about your family, childhood, interests, and hobbies, among many other things, she's clearly interested in getting to know you on a personal level. This is her way of expressing her curiosity about you, which is a perfect excuse to flirt most subtly.

It may seem like she's just trying to have a friendly conversation with you, but she's taking a step up to figure out if you'll make a move. By all means, a girl who's asking you personal questions communicates that she wants you to get to know her as well and go after her in the same way.

7. She's Preening to Get Your Attention.

Girls that are urging guys to make a move on them tend to preen themselves. They adjust their posture, fix their hair and makeup, and check on their outfit to make sure they look perfect. They do all these things to get your attention and to keep your eyes on themselves.

In this sense, if you catch a girl constantly checking on herself in the mirror and making certain adjustments to look "on point" for you, it is safe to conclude that she wants you to notice her and make advancement.

8. She Demonstrates Flirtatious Gestures.

Guys find some feminine gestures attractive beyond words. The mere act of pushing her hair behind her ears, running her fingers through her hair, biting her lip, touching her neck, and flipping her hair, can draw any guy's attention.

Such flirtatious gestures, particularly if they are meant for you, demonstrate that she is trying to capture your interest. Thus, it makes sense to have the impression that she's trying to seduce you and mesmerize you with her feminine charm. In effect, she wants you to make a move towards her.

9. She's Always Warm and Friendly to You.

Is she extra nice and friendly to you? Does she make an obvious effort to give you enough attention? If this is the case, she's definitely into you and is gauging her chances on whether you're going to make a move on her or not.

It's natural for most girls to act nice, but if you can sense that she's specially treating you, trust your gut feel because it is a sign that she wants you to take notice of her. It is also possible that she's giving you that much-needed push, so you can find the guts to approach her.

10. She Gets Jealous When You're With Other Girls.

A girl waiting for you to make a move would naturally feel jealous if your attention is on the other girls. She will most likely try to avoid you and show acts of indifference towards you. Such a change in her behavior could mean that she's badly affected or disappointed.

If, for some reason, a girl who's usually nice to you suddenly shifts in a different mood after seeing you with other girls, she could be jealous or even insecure. Apparently, your failure to make a move on her is what's causing all the drama.

11. She Doesn't Mind Helping You Out.

Ask her a favor and see if she is more than willing to help you out. If she gives in to your requests easily and doesn't mind helping you out, it is a sure sign that she wants you to make a move. It may be quite of a challenge to know for sure, but you can try out various strategies that you believe would work.

For instance, you may ask her if you can study for a certain subject together or if she can help you out with an important project. You may also ask her if she can help you out in picking a present for your mom or sister or in organizing a party. In any case, if she's hoping that you would make a move on her, she won't mind doing favors for you.

12. She Opens Up to You.

If she wants you to make a move on her, she will most likely introduce you to her world. She will share snippets of her personal life with you, including her interests and how she spends her spare time. It may be unclear to you, but it could be her way of figuring out if you have something in common or if there are certain activities that you can do together.

Her openness is her way of reaching out to you, so you can have a glimpse of her personality. In general, a girl who shares with you important details about her life would want you to be a part of it. Once you discover a commonality, consider it your cue to put your best foot forward towards her.

Final Piece of Advice

Girls are not as complicated as you think. If you'll become more receptive of her actions, you would find a lot of clues that could reveal if she's playing the waiting game with you. Instead of wondering whether she's giving you signs that she wants you to make a move, or she's simply being friendly, be mindful of her gestures.

For all you know, you're just one of those naive and clueless guys who find no meaning whenever she preens and bats her eyelashes in front of you.

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