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What Is ASMR, What Triggers ASMR, and How It Started

By Summer Corkran

Interesting Facts about ASMR

Ever heard of ASMR? If not, don’t worry. Many people have never heard of it before. If you do, well, you are definitely among the few who are enlightened about the topic.

ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Most people who have experienced ASMR compare it to a brain massage. It is a physical sensation whereby one feels a tingling feeling that starts from the scalp then travels down to the rest of your body.

ASMR has taken the internet by storm. Everyone is going bananas ever since they discovered that they could trigger the feeling without it coming around naturally. A lot of people have experienced ASMR, but they cannot define it for lack of better words.

The feeling is incomparable. It is somewhat an infinite delight that makes you relax — those who have experienced it like it cannot get enough of it. The euphoric ASMR experience can be stimulated by certain auditory or visual stimuli.

ASMR triggers are diverse. Good examples of ASMR include the feeling you get when you are being massaged, when you are being shaved or getting a haircut by a barber, brushing your hair, or the cool sensation you get someone whispers into your ears.

Ever heard someone say that ‘her whispers into my ears send shivers down my spine?’ You may also have heard someone say that ‘her touch made me have goosebumps.’

That is how ASMR feels like. You are probably starting to understand what I’m talking about and most likely, you are thinking of the times you have experienced ASMR. Well, the good news is that you can experience the feeling over and over again if you like because there are numerous ASMR triggers.

The Benefits of ASMR

1. ASMR as a Relaxer and Stress Reliever

ASMR is a great stress reliever.
ASMR helps relaxing.

ASMR has become more popular, considering the fact that it helps people sleep or relax after experiencing a long stressful day. There are numerous videos, especially on YouTube, where you can get different versions of tingle-inducing triggers.

Most of these videos have people creating these chilling sounds from actions such as:

Pouring water from a cup to a separate vessel, cutting soap, or flipping pages of a book. Crackles, whispers, and accents also trigger ASMR.

Most people who have insomnia or post-traumatic stress disorder have attested to the fact that ASMR has helped improve the quality of their lives. When you make use of ASMR alongside other therapeutic methods, there is no doubt that you will notice a positive difference in your life.

Ally Maque, an ASMR YouTuber, is happy of the path she chooses to take because it makes a difference to the world. She confesses that the parents of a young boy who frequently suffered from horrible migraines reached out to thank her for improving the quality of their son’s life.

They compared her work to fairy tales from epic bedtime stories that helped their son sleep without stressing and suffering like he used to.

2. ASMR Improves Your Mental Health

ASMR helps with mental health.
ASMR helps with mental health.

ASMR leads to the release of endorphins in our brains. Endorphins bring feelings of happiness to humans. ASMR benefits people, especially kids, when the endorphins are released in their brain.

When parents soothe their children with gentle whispers, caring gazes, and soft touches, the child’s brain realizes the child or infant is being cared for and that they are safe in the presence of their caregivers.

As a result, children are comfortable, resulting in calmness and a feeling of happiness. ASMR leads to the physical and mental development of every child.

Studies show that most parents introduced their children to ASMR, even without knowing it. Their actions of showing that they care contribute to reduced anxiety and depression in children.

ASMR experts recommend that parents should supplement real-world ASMR with simulated ASMR through online videos for extra benefits.

A different healthy way of introducing your children to ASMR is by recording yourself talking gently or whispering then playing the recording to your children during bedtime until they fall asleep. ASMR can work the same way as podcasts do but with additional mental benefits to children.

Common ASMR Triggers

Common ASMR triggers.
Common ASMR triggers.

As previously stated, there are numerous ASMR triggers, and most of them are pretty bizarre. Let’s look at some of the most common ones.

1. Tapping

This trigger involves tapping surfaces with your fingertips or with long fingernails for softer sounds. Most people get creative by creating varying sounds from different surfaces.

2. Page Turning

Many people like to relax and read a book. It brings about feelings of calmness as well as a sense of company. Some ASMR videos feature people or a person reading a book, and the videos put a lot of emphasis on the sounds made when turning a book page.

This is because most people get feelings of ASMR when they watch others read. They like to listen to the sound made when pages flip. Some people enjoy going to the library not because they like reading or seeking knowledge, but because they find it amusing when they listen to the sounds of pages flipping.

Others attest that they trigger ASMR when they watch hand movements when people flip the pages. As you well know by now, ASMR does not solely involve sounds but also visuals and touch.

3. Whispering

It is without a doubt that whispering is the most common feature of ASMR. Almost all ASMR videos include or involve creators who whisper or speak softly.

Soft voices are tingle-inducing for most people, which is a reason why all lullabies are sung in soft voices to lull children to sleep. It is common to hear some words being repeated or emphasized because of their relaxing effect.

4. Eating

As weird as it sounds, there are people who experience ASMR by watching people eat. It is common to come across people who are disgusted when they watch people eat. However, some people are triggered by the sounds associated with eating. This includes slurping or chewing.

5. Physical Touch

Almost all ASMR videos include some form of physical touch. If you have ever felt like you are floating in the air while getting a simple doctor’s examination, getting a haircut, or by brushing your hair, then you have experienced an ASMR trigger.

Face touching can also bring about an ASMR trigger. Another popular form of ASMR trigger by physical touch is when you are getting a massage. Massages are extremely relaxing. Some people even find it relaxing and are triggered when they watch other people receive a massage. A massage is a trigger that combines soft speaking, physical touch, and personal attention.

Some people even find it relaxing and are triggered when they watch other people receive a massage. A massage is a trigger that combines soft speaking, physical touch, and personal attention.

6. Concentration

Most ASMR viewers are intrigued when they watch someone else concentrate on a task. An excellent example of this is ‘The Joy of Painting’ by Bob Ross. ‘The Joy of Painting’ features Bob Ross painting beautiful landscapes while speaking softly.

7. Crinkling

This ASMR trigger involves crinkling of various materials such as bubble wraps, aluminum foils, and plastic wrappers.

Not All People Experience ASMR

Not everybody experience ASMR.
Not everybody experience ASMR.

There is no exact percentage pointing out the precise number of people in the population experiencing ASMR. However, one thing is for sure.

The truth is that there are people who immediately identify with the description of ASMR, and there are people who don’t even. The group who do not identify with ASMR never respond even to the most common triggers.

One may argue that these type of people may not have found their ASMR triggers. However, from a logical perspective, there is a likelihood that their physiology is not hardwired for it.

Dr. Richard, a leader of ASMR University’s research, emphasizes that different people have different biological responses to stimuli.

All people (except for sporadic cases) produces oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. However, the ability to feel these molecules while responding to “strange” stimulus differs between people.

Dr. Richard goes on to explain that the feelings of “comfort and euphoria” which describe general ASMR responses can be felt in response to related stimuli in some people while other individuals respond to other forms of stimuli.

For instance, some people may need to be comforted or touched by a loved one to get or have the same effect that others get or experience while watching ASMR videos.

People who have more endorphin receptors or those who create a lot of endorphins are extremely sensitive and are likely to feel more euphoria from small triggers.

How ASMR Comes in Handy for Chat Line Users

Is ASMR handy for chat line users?
Is ASMR handy for chat line users?

Ever since chat lines became a household name, more and more people have been using them to mingle and meet new people.

Chat lines give people the freedom to chat and get naughty with whoever they want. The good thing is that they have filters which help you narrow down to your potential partner.

Not all people join chat lines to find future partners; some of them want to make new friends, find people with the same interests or hobbies or find a shoulder to lean on.

Some of the people using chat lines have faced all kinds of trials and tribulations. Most of them, like war veterans, have had a rough past, and they want someone who can hear them and soothe them; they want someone to offload their burden and help them weather the storm.

The reality is that some of the people have a hard time sleeping. The good thing about chat lines is that there are all kinds of people.

There are those who have the sexiest voices that have the same effect as the Pied Piper of Hamelin; to lead people out of their misery. If you want to relax after a long stressful day or want to manage your everyday life struggles, chatting with singles on chat lines may have the same effect as the ASMR.

Numerous people have tried it, and they have been successful in managing their hardships. Try using chat lines services now, and you might just come across the one person whose voice has a tremendous effect in your life; you will not regret it.


ASMR is one of the ways one can relax and unwind after a long hectic day. It can help you fall asleep before bedtime, and most people have testified that they have benefited from it.

If you are not sure about the types of ASMR triggers that tickle your fancy, try watching trigger assortment videos. With the numerous ASMR triggers available, you are likely to come across one that is right for you.

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