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10 Sex Tips for Couples That Are in a Long Distance Relationship

By Summer Corkran

Being in a relationship is awesome. The thrill is amazing until one of the partners moves to a faraway place. That is where the challenges start. Unlike before where you were used to seeing each other every now and then, your options will be limited.

Things like random dates, walking your dogs together, movie nights, or Netflix and chill are now a thing of the past. The question is, how do you keep the fire burning? How do you maintain a steady and healthy relationship while you are miles apart?

It is obvious that proximity or being close to your lover, better half, or fiancé is important to maintaining your relationship. However, when this is not the case, it does not mean that you cannot be together. Ever since the beginning of time, food, shelter, and clothing have always been human being’s basic needs.

However, in the modern world, there is an extra thing to the list of three; sex. These days, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship without sex. As you know, when you truly love each other, cheating is not an option. Therefore, maintaining a healthy sex life is crucial to the success of most relationships.

video calls long distance
Video calls for long-distance relationships

Everyone wants to be in the same bed as their partner every night. This, however, is hardly ever possible due to things such as careers and other commitments. You might think that this article does not concern you since you live under the same roof as your spouse.

However, it is important to take note of the tips that I will share here because you never know what the future holds. Life always has a way of pulling people in different directions.

When you find that you have to relocate two thousand miles away from your partner, it does not mean that you have to end your relationship. Chasing your dreams and goals does not make you less serious or selfish.

You can be living in a different continent and still be in a happy relationship both sexually and emotionally. Did you know that in the United States alone, around seven million couples are in a long distance relationship? Half of these people are married and a seventh are newlyweds.

So, if your partner recently moved to a new place and you have been sleeping in your bed alone for the past few weeks, know that you are not alone.

Others are managing the situation and making the best out of it. So, if your major concern has been not having enough intimacy with the love of your life, you are in the right place for we are going to discuss the solution to your woes.

Being in a long-distance relationship is not a license to mess whatever you and your partner have going on. That said, let us go through some of the best tips that have helped millions maintain a healthy relationship while still having a gratifying intimate sex life.

Here are Sex Tips For Couples That Are In A long-Distance Relationship.

1. Make Use of Video Calls

Video calls are important if you're in a long distance relationship.
Video calls are important if you're in a long distance relationship.

Thanks to technology, boredom is a thing of the past. In as much as both of you lead a busy life, you can still see each other on a daily basis thanks to applications such as Skype and other video calling features like Facetime WhatsApp, and Snapchat. All you have to do to keep your relationship afloat is quite easy.

Simply know how to make the best use of these social platforms. Make time with your spouse and agree to a video call when you are free. Make sure that during your free time, you are in a private place like the confines of your home. Use this time to arouse each other sexually. You can also masturbate while your partner is watching.

Doing this will turn your partner on and in turn, they will also pleasure themselves. Engaging in video calls helps in mutual masturbation and is way better than watching pornographic content because you will be arousing yourself in the ‘presence’ of someone you are intimate with.

2. Sexting

Sexting is great to intimate with your partner.

Sexting has to be one of the best things that ever came with mobile devices. It has helped numerous couples engage in long-distance foreplay. This exciting method of communication helps keep the spark of your relationship alive. Social platforms like WhatsApp which allow sending of pictures has improved the sexting game a lot.

You can take a nude picture of yourself and send it to your partner with a sexy or erotic massage. At times, you don’t have to be completely naked. You can reveal half of your body and make your partner crave for more. Doing this raises your level of imagination and fantasies.

Think of creative ways to turn on your spouse verbally. Tell him or her about things that they like or things that turn them on.

3. Exchange Gifts

Send her or him erotic gifts.
Send her or him erotic gifts.

In as much as absence makes the heart grow fonder, not being physically present to your spouse can be a turnoff. In fact, it might make your lover be tempted to cheat. To overcome this, you can exchange gifts with your better half. Ensure that the gift will make them think of you.

Such gifts have to be personal and somewhat intimate. You can get them sex-toys or lingerie that has your signature scent on. Doing so will let your lover know that you constantly think of them and they will hardly get you out of their mind.

4. Set the Mood Right With Phone Sex

Set the mood with some phone-sex.
Set the mood with some phone-sex.

Ever heard of chat lines and how they work? You simply dial a number and start flirting and talking dirty with a stranger. The same applies to phone sex only that this time you are doing it with your spouse or partner. Find out when your partner is free and take turns talking dirty to each other.

Tell them what is on your mind and the things that you would like to do to them. At this point, there is no room to be shy since you are already used to each other. Doing so will turn them on and they can pleasure themselves while listening to your voice which means that will have you in mind during the entire process.

5. Make Use of Erotic Stories

Make use of erotic stories
Make use of erotic stories

One of the ways that have worked with people in long-distance relationships is telling each other erotic stories. Tap into your wild imaginations and come up with mind-blowing stories that will leave your partner wet. The characters in your stories can be you or you can come up with alter egos.

You can write a piece and send it to your partner or recite it over video or phone calls. A way of spicing up this method is by turn-taking. You can write a chapter and let your partner write the next chapter and so on. By the end of it all, you might come up with very great content that might end up as a best seller if published.

6. Exchange Sexy Playlists

Share your sexy playlists.
Share your sexy playlists.

Music has been known to set the mood during romantic dates for years. Whether it is smooth jazz, blues, or a classic that you love, send it to your partner and you are will be sure that he or she will think of you every time your selection plays on the radio or on their phone.

Gathering your favorite songs or love songs and sending it to your partner can also help them elevate their mood while flying solo.

7. Make Use of Sex Toys

Don't be shy, try some erotic toys.
Don't be shy, try some app-controlled erotic toys.

The best thing about teledildonic toys is that you do not have to be in the presence of your partner for you to sexually stimulate him or her. Sex toys are indeed a blessing to long-distance relationship couples because they help them achieve orgasm without engaging in physical sex.

Combining the use of these toys with phone sex or video calls is great because it will help you accomplish what you want without being physically present.

8. Couples’ App

long distance relations apps
long-distance relations apps

Making use of couples’ has saved a lot of long-distance relationships from hitting rock bottom. Mobile applications like We Did It, Couple, and Happy Couple helps thousands of couples stay connected in an erotic way. They have awesome features strictly meant to spice up the life of long-distance couples.

There are also other R-rated apps like Desire that go a long way in keeping the spark alive. In such apps, you will find that you are at ease with each other and that you are more playful as opposed to when you are texting sweet nothings.

9. Exchange Lustful Notes

Exchange lustful notes with your partner.
Exchange lustful notes with your partner.

There is no doubt that modern technology has helped pack a sexy punch through erotic phone calls, texts, and emails. However, there is something special about writing lustful notes and letters using your unique handwriting. Make use of snail mail and talk about what you are looking forward to the next time you meet each other.

This is, in fact, one of the ways of writing erotic stories that will ensure turn-taking. Write your wildest fantasies on paper and you will have your partner checking his or her mailbox on a daily basis in hopes of receiving something special from you.

A great tip of keeping this habit going is by spritzing your signature cologne to the letter.

10. Suggest Erotic Paragraphs

Suggest your partner some erotic books.
Suggest your partner some erotic books.

If you are both avid book readers, you can suggest erotic paragraphs from your favorite erotic novels. You can also buy two copies of an erotic book and gift one to your partner. Suggesting erotic paragraphs from the same book makes sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to sexual mood elevation.


As is evident, there are numerous ways to add a little magic to your long-distant relationship. So, if duty calls and your spouse has to relocate to a place that is far away from you, don’t get worried about your relationship hitting rock bottom.

All you have to do is accept your fate, keep your head up, and make use of the tips shared in this article. The tips are so fun to practice that you won’t note the difference. It’s like your partner never left.

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Scarlett J.

October 14, 2019, 7:22 pm

I love the idea of giving each other your favorite sexy playlists, never even crossed my mind to do something like that. Hell it doesn’t even have to be sexy songs, could be sweet songs or could be just songs with really good beats to it. But if you give your partner or signifciant other some music to listen to your letting them in on your life and things you love and things you think about. Notes are really sweet too. Some pretty good tips here that i might have to try with my long distance man.