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What to Talk About in a Chat Line

By Summer Corkran

Calling the chat lines is a good way to socialize and meet fellow singles looking for someone to share a nice conversation with. It creates multiple opportunities to beat your daily routine's monotony because you can share a live voice chat with someone that might turn out to be your new friend.

Are you wondering what people talk about in the chat lines? Would you be interested to know how to achieve a great chat line conversation?

If you're wondering how to kick off your chat line journey, it's important to have a list of topics to talk about in the chat lines.

Knowing exactly how to initiate an enjoyable conversation contributes to a more rewarding experience and can potentially pave the way to a real-life friendship. More importantly, knowing a handful of topics can also help you avoid having to deal with dead air as you go along.

For a more spontaneous and free-flowing phone conversation, here's what to talk about in a phone chat line;

1. Individual Interests

Talk about your individual interests.
Talk about your individual interests.

If you're going to start a conversation with someone you don't know personally, it's important to start with the things that both of you can relate to. You can open up topics that focus on your hobbies, inclinations, and passions. The purpose is to establish your common interests from where you can lay the foundation of your conversation.

Talking about your interests can trigger your curiosity about each other. It is also a good way to uncover any compatibilities and incompatibilities that you might have.

Besides being fun and stimulating, talking about your inclinations in life allows you to get in-tune with your own personality. It's like rediscovering yourself all over again with the help of a stranger.

2. Personal, Social, or Romantic Goals

Multitude of goals, and talks you can have in a chat line.

There are many reasons why people call the chat lines. There are some callers who want to make new friends, others are looking at the possibility of finding a potential romance, while others simply want to enjoy a relaxing conversation with someone they don't know.

Every caller has a specific purpose or goal in mind for calling the chat lines, and this is something that you can freely discuss with each other.

For example, you may ask questions that express your curiosity about why your chat partner is using the chat lines. Be careful not to sound offensive or malicious. Try to ask in the most friendly way, such as; "I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is your reason for calling the chat lines?" or "is it ok if I ask you why you're using the phone chat lines?" Then, briefly state your own reason or goals (if you have any).

Being aware of your personal goals for calling the chat lines will enable you to understand and get to know each other well. Moreover, if you realize that you're somewhat agreeable and compatible with many things, your interaction could eventually escalate into something more meaningful as you go along.

Let's not forget that some of the best relationships start with a simple "hi" and "hello" between strangers. So don't hesitate to talk about each other's goals.

3. Favorites

Talk about your must-go favorite places
Talk about your must-go favorite places

A private phone conversation between you and your chat partner is a perfect opportunity for you to understand each other better. If you think that your interaction seems to be going well, and you're able to establish a good connection, you may share each other's favorites.

You may share your favorite restaurant, food, place, music, and movies, among others. Just the same, feel free to ask your chat partner about his/her own favorites to keep the conversation interactive and entertaining for both of you.

4. Dreams and Future Plans

Talk about dreams and future plans.
Talk about dreams and future plans.

Talking to strangers has no limits, just as long as you both feel comfortable, and for as long as you're enjoying each other's company.

This means that you can freely discuss your dreams and plans regardless of how absurd they are. The good thing about talking to a person you don't know is that you don't have to worry about eliciting judgment. You can just be your natural self.

A lot of people that call the chat lines find talking to strangers relaxing and comforting. It also allows them to rediscover their dreams through meaningful conversations. We must admit that there are some things that we cannot openly discuss with people that we know due to fear of rejection and humiliation.

In fact, there are times when talking to a stranger gives us more freedom to navigate through our inners selves and talk about our wildest dreams and future plans.

So if you want to talk about your dreams, plans, and aspirations in life, you may open up these topics to your chat partner. This might even boost your confidence to actively work towards their fulfillment.

5. Perspectives on Love and Relationships

Talk about your perspectives on love and relationships.
Talk about your perspectives on love and relationships.

Love and relationships are common topics of interest that spark many people's interest in the dating scene. Without a doubt, there are many chat line callers that are intentionally and subconsciously looking for a romantic connection in the phone dating lines.

This is undeniably true because the chat lines are modern dating resources that connect people with the same interests and romantic goals.

Apparently, this gives you every reason to talk about your perspectives on love and relationships. The same goes for your chat partner. This is practically a clever way to test your compatibility; or if your ideals on love are somewhat aligned with each other.

For a lot of singles, topics that concern love and relationships are interesting to explore. It enables them to voice out their own personal opinions and to learn from the opinions of others. Additionally, there is so much to learn from other people's experiences when it comes to love, as it opens up your mind to new points of view and way of thinking.

6. Personal Advice

Talk about personal advice.
Talk about personal advice.

The chat lines enable singles to find someone to talk to who can uplift their spirits. Oftentimes, a nice and pleasant chat is all it takes to find a good reason to smile. So if you're going through a major setback in life and can use some friendly advice, you can rely on the chat lines to give you that kind of meaningful interaction.

A lot of chat line users share personal advice on the phone dating lines. For example, you may seek some love advice from your chat partner or perhaps, some business advice or career advice. You can casually open up any topic wherein you can gain insights about matters that concern you and your life.

Questions that start with; "what are your thoughts about…" or "what friendly advice can you give to someone who is…". Other questions that express your need for other people's advice or opinion are; "if you are in this situation, how are you going to handle it?", "what are you going to do if…" and "what do you think is the best approach for…".

This topic is fairly common among people who are looking for advice and answers to certain questions. Knowing how others view the problem and how they would approach the situation can offer you many ideas and insights that can help you deal with your own issues. Thus, some people call the chat lines to seek personal advice.

7. Funny Stories and Dating Disasters

Talk about funny stories and dating disasters.
Talk about funny stories and dating disasters.

A smart way to make a chat line conversation hilarious is to talk about your own funny stories and dating disasters. Put your sense of humor into good use by candidly talking about your funny and embarrassing experiences. This is a fun way to highlight your candor and genuineness as a person, making you more accessible to your phone date.

Having a good laugh with your chat partner helps you get rid of the awkwardness and contributes to a pleasant interaction. Just always remember to be truthful and not make up stories to sound natural and sincere.

Trying too hard can make the conversation corny and freakish, which might give your chat partner the impression that you're simply bluffing.

8. Bucket List

Talk about your bucket list.
Talk about your bucket list.

Some people come up with their own bucket list or "list of things to do in this lifetime". As a general rule, you must cross out an entry once you have already accomplished it. This is something that you might want to do during a chat line conversation.

You and your chat partner can take turns mentioning what you'd want to put in each of your own bucket lists. This is actually a clever exercise that will enable you to think of activities and things you want to try or places you want to visit.

For example, you can mention a particular category, and you can take turns coming up with a related idea that you can put on your bucket list. For travel, you can take turns naming a place or country that you want to visit in this lifetime; for food, a kind of cuisine that you have to try; for activity, an adventure that you must do by all means such as bungee jumping or riding the zip line.

There are many other categories that you can explore, such as hobbies, dating, education, career, and fitness.

9. "Question and Answer" Game

Play the question-and-answers game.
Play the question-and-answers game.

Asking each other random questions is a fool-proof way to keep the conversation going. Take turns asking each other questions, which you may or may not answer.

You may agree on a certain level of questions such as general, personal, or random. Otherwise, you may keep the questions hypothetical to avoid having to deal with an uncomfortable situation.

Here are some examples of hypothetical questions that you can ask your chat partner;

  • If you can be in two places simultaneously, what places would you choose and why?
  • If you have 5 million dollars to spend within a day, how will you spend it all?
  • What type of superpower can make you happy?
  • Assuming that you can have a dream date anywhere in this world, what place would you choose and why?
  • If you'll have a chance to date any celebrity, who would you choose and how are you going to plan for it?

10. Life Tips and Hacks

Talk about life tips and hacks.
Talk about life tips and hacks.

If you value worthwhile conversations that allow you to learn new things, you may open topics that deal with various life tips and hacks. For example, if you're talking to a computer savvy, you may ask for tips on how to troubleshoot common computer issues; and if you're talking to someone who claims to be good in sales and marketing, you may ask for effective selling techniques.

Assuming that you are talking to someone who's a master in the kitchen, you may ask for some recipe hacks and other cooking tips. The idea is to learn something from the person that you are talking to.

Depending on how comfortable you feel towards your chat partner, you may also ask for tips that can help you achieve a happier life, such as tips on moving on after a breakup and tips on catching a cheating partner. It is all up to you on how you can gain valuable learning from the person you are talking to.

Final Words of Advice

There are many topics that you can explore to spark a good and worthwhile conversation. It also doesn't matter even if you're talking to a complete stranger, because casual interactions are meant to be fun, light, and interesting. The trick is to know how to break the ice and introduce an interesting topic that will serve as a good foundation.

Ideally, you have to start by being comfortable and at ease with each other. After all, it's extremely difficult to talk to someone if you're uncomfortable and struggling with what to say. Therefore, it's important to figure out how to overcome the initial awkwardness by finding a means to connect with the person you're talking to.

For some reason, you have to "click" to agreeably engage in various topics of interest.

As long as you're able to connect with your chat partner, you'll find it more manageable to open up a topic of your choice. Lastly, it's worth noting that sometimes, it's more comforting to talk to a complete stranger. A stranger, who knows nothing about you, will not judge you for anything and doesn't have preconceived notions about your character.

It's like starting with a clean slate, thereby giving yourself the chance to start a brand new relationship that is not defined by your past or present.

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