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Sex Dream Meanings: How to Interpret Your Sexual Dreams

By Grant R.

Your dreams sometimes reflect your inner feelings, your deepest darkest secrets, and more. And then there are times when your dreams are just flat out wacky and don’t make sense to you at all, but they still mean something.

Things are often tucked away in our mind subliminally and we don’t always see what dreams could mean on the surface.

Sexual dreams aren’t any different, they still mean something important somewhere and have a special meaning in your life. Although they don't always mean you want to have sex with that person you are dreaming about having sex with, sometimes you have to look beyond the shallow thoughts and dig deeper.

We decided that we wanted to take our own personal sexual dreams to the test and did some research on what they could possibly mean. The results are so shockingly true when it comes to your life, it’s almost eerie.

Man blowing some bubbles.
Find out the meaning of the sexual dreams you've been experiencing.

So, if you’re like us and having sexual dreams that you really want to get to the bottom of, read on to find out all about your dreams and their meanings.

You’ll be super surprised to know that you are not just a really horny person that wants to have sex with everyone, but you could be missing something in your life and don’t even realize it until you decode those dreams.

Sex Dream Meanings:

Dreaming About: A Person You Randomly Met and Barely Know

Sexy woman dreaming.
Dreaming about someone you just met it's normal, you might like him or her.

Have you found yourself dreaming about the person you met a few weeks ago, and barely know? Or the new neighbor that just moved in? Rest assured, it doesn’t mean you are sexually attracted to them.

There are always going to be quite a few things that every dream could mean, but reading what dream experts and Psychologists say about each one and what it could mean for you really might help some of you hit the nail on the head.

More than likely, there is something about this person that you like, not in a sexual way either but something you could possibly admire.

This certain quality they have might even be the same quality you see in your own husband or wife, and that’s all it is. Or maybe it’s something that you’re lacking in your life and relationships, so your mind is “making up” for that at night.

Typically, having a sex dream about someone you barely know or an acquaintance even, more than likely just means there is something there that you find admirable, funny, strong, or maybe you are attracted to something about them physically. It doesn’t mean you want to be with that person though unless you do.

Dreaming About: Someone Who Is Not Your Current Partner

Singles hugging in the mountains.
Dreaming about another man or woman, it's normal, but it's also telling you that you might want to be single.

Sexual dreams about someone, anyone, who isn’t your current partner actually reflects your own sex life. Having recurring sex dreams with other people that aren’t your partner could mean that your own sex life isn’t getting what it needs at the moment.

It is not necessarily about the person you are cheating with, and it’s not even that you know you’re cheating in the dream, these dreams are more along the lines of just having sex with whom you think to be your partner in the dream world, but in real life you know it isn’t.

Dreaming about having sex with the same person that isn’t your partner over and over could mean something specific about that person, of course. Fantasy? Sexual attraction? Just someone you look up to?

It’s important to examine who you are having sex with if it is repeated, and to compare your own sex life to the dreams you’re having - without them.

Dreaming About: Being Cheated on

Single man cheating on his woman.
Dreaming about your partner cheating on you, it's hard, and you might have the gut he's or she is currently doing it.

This type of dream is different than just ‘being with another person besides your partner’ in the sense that it is a cheating dream. Basically in the dream you know they are cheating on you or you are cheating on them, and it’s wrong.

Before we say that it could mean you really are being cheated on, let us remind you that if you are someone who wonders about this more often than not, it’s probably just that. Your mind loves to play tricks on you when you have a weakness towards something.

If you’re always thinking you are being cheated on in the real world, you’re going to dream about being cheated on too. However, our subconscious is always working even when we don’t know what the hell is going on, our brain is getting subliminal signals from everything we take in on a daily basis.

So, your body produces pheromones and these pheromones are able for humans to smell, subconsciously. It’s what attracts us sexually to one another. Since you can only smell these pheromones subconsciously, and these bad boys can actually give off clues to your subconscious mind, and you guessed it - tell you that you are being cheated on.

Since your dreams are the bridge and also the gateway to your subconscious mind, you then start dreaming about being cheated on. Your mind is a powerful drug.

Dreaming About: Co-Workers

Coworkers flirting.
Dreaming with your coworkers, it something not uncommon.

One of two things is happening here, either you’re just dreaming about them because you see them every single day of your life or you may have some type of sexual tension there.

Whether it be frustration from something personal at home or maybe it’s somewhat of a getaway because the guy who bartends at the restaurant you serve in is kinda cute?

It’s safe and nobody has to talk about it.

However, it doesn’t mean you want the other person. Even finding someone attractive doesn’t have to mean “wanting them”. Don’t purposely sit around consciously daydreaming of other people if you’re not single but don’t beat yourself up over a dream.

Sometimes we dream about having sex with a co-worker or even someone who might work for us because we need something in our life that they are giving, even if that is something as small as needing organization in your relationships. Or you may be missing something huge like kindness from others.

Always pinpoint what exactly that person in your dream represents for you in real life.

Dreaming About: Your Boss

Young blonde boss walking.
Dreaming about your boss, means, that you like to receive orders.

Unless having sex with your boss is a fantasy of yours, dreams about screwing your manager don’t have to mean you want them sexually. The fact that they have power over you (essentially) is what dream experts and Psychologists say you want to look at most.

It could really just be a fantasy of having sex with someone who has some type of authority over you, even if you don’t find them attractive, it might just be the power thing that you find hot.

Maybe you lack authority in your own relationship or somewhere at home, your boss represents authority so it’s important to really take a look at those areas in your life where you feel you might be struggling with keeping order and being stern about the things you need to be stern with.

Dreaming About: Having Sex in Public

Dreaming about sex in public.
Dreaming about sex in public.

Getting it on in public could sometimes mean that you are literally exposing too much of your life or too much of you in general to someone or people period, whatever that may mean to you.

A lot of times, this happens to people who start getting in the limelight or who start speaking out in front of others, people may think they’re saying too much about their life.

Nudity and sex in public could also mean insecurities that you have, and you feel like they are on display for people to see and poke at. But keep in mind that having sex in public, even in your dream, is much more humiliating and exposing than just being nude.

Really think about why you might be dreaming about something so private in public unless you’re craving an explosive breakout. If you are wanting to jump out and shock people some way or another then right on, I say do it and do it proudly baby!

But if you’re exposing yourself in the wrong ways, try taking a serious look at the meaning behind these public sex dreams.

Dreaming About: Your Best Friends or Any Platonic Friend

Friends dreaming.
Dreaming with your friends, it's pretty common.

Expert dream psychologist, Lauri Loewenberg, has a rule of three she says you should apply to sex dreams with friends (among some others you’ll find out about below), and that is to think of three qualities you associate with that person like bravery, courageous, family person, etc. Then apply it to your life and see if you are missing any of those wonderful qualities that they possess.

She also wants to remind us that when we have sex dreams with other people that we aren’t currently banging at the moment, it’s less about who the person is in the dream and more about what they are, could, or used to bring to your life. Or what they represent in your life.

Your mind is incredibly intuitive, and also symbolic, so instead of thinking literally about sex dreams and who is in them, start thinking more symbolically and figuratively.

Dreaming About: A Celebrity or Someone Super-rich or High-class

Dreaming about being a celebrity.
Dreaming about being a celebrity.

These sex dreams are kind-of easy to understand. If you are dreaming about screwing around with someone rich, it probably means you’d like to bang someone rich. Either that or you want a lot of money yourself.

If you’re banging a hot celeb in your dream, these are just fantasies, and if you never thought in them that way before - surprise! We told you that your subconscious is in a world of its’ own!

Now, if you dream about having sex with a Politician, it’s important to look at what platform they’re on and what they represent. And then apply that to your own life. The three rules of thumb from Lauri before comes to mind when you have sex dreams about people in high places.

Dreaming About: Being With Someone Who You Think Is Unattractive

Dreaming about being with someone unattractive.
Dreaming about being with someone unattractive.

Here is where you learn to start taking sex dreams more symbolically than literally when you start boning ugly people in your sleep. As we said several times before, you don’t have to have a physical attraction or an attraction at all to someone to dream about banging them.

You gotta pay attention to those subliminal, subconscious signs girl!

Think about something, anything you like or admire about this person you’re having sex within your dreams. Maybe you like the fact they work, take care of their family, and don’t go out to the club and you need something like that in your life.

Dreaming About: Having Sex With Your Ex

Your Ex flying to your bed.
Dreaming about your ex it's a miss feeling.

Don’t worry, you aren’t still longing after your ex just because you are dreaming sexually about them. You are more than likely just needing something that you used to get from them, and your mind is once again trying to tell you what you need in the form of something crazy so you’ll listen!

Sometimes it’s about the way you felt during the time you were with them (at least in the beginning) or maybe it’s representing something is missing in your current relationship or something is very similar in your current relationship, and it needs to be fixed.

Dreaming About: The Same-Sex

Dreaming about having sex with a same-sex person.
Dreaming about having sex with a same-sex person.

Sometimes dreaming about sex with the same-sex could mean that your subconscious mind is telling you some secret fantasies you never knew about.

But if that’s not your thing, it really could just be a reflection of you in the dream. And no, we don’t mean you are having sex with yourself.

We want you to think about what we have said many times before and apply it to every dream you have, sexual or not. Your subconscious doesn’t tell you things literally because it’s not made to communicate in that way, instead, it tells you in a metaphorical way.

You could simply be having an argument or disagreement right now with someone important in your life, and you’re being really selfish. Take a step back and see if there is somewhere in your life that you are holding yourself above everything else.

Dreaming About: A Mystery Person

A mistery person in a dream.
Dreaming about a mysterious person.

While this dream could be representing a part of you that you are either hiding or masking away from yourself or the world, or you could just be having one of the most common fantasy dreams that an average subconscious mind has next to sex dreams with exes.

Our mind has its own sexual desires evidently and you find that out when you go to sleep. Maybe you've been chatting it up with someone online for the past few weeks and this mystery person is finding their way into your sexual fantasies and dreams.

If you’re a normal human being, you’ve probably had a fantasy of someone sexy (at least their body is sexy) with a mask on or something over them to where you can’t see who it is, and they just take you on sexually...something about the takeover that’s really hot to most people.

The masked mystery man or woman plays that role and fantasy of a sex-crazed hottie making sure it’s ok to have sex with you first, of course, and then just taking over you like they’re fifty times stronger than you.

Dreaming About: A Teacher, Policeman, or Firefighter

Single woman, teacher, smiling.
Dreaming about that teacher that we all fall for in high-school.

Having sexual dreams about teachers or police can actually mean that you need a certain something in your life that a teacher or policeman would give.

For instance, dreaming about sex with your math teacher could mean that you need to take a serious look at your finances or your job path, and make any necessary changes to better your life in those areas.

Dreaming about sexing up a policeman could mean that you need more order in your relationship or life currently, and having sex with firefighters is just one hot fantasy!

Dreaming About: Your Worst Enemy

Dreaming about your worst enemy.
Dreaming about your worst enemy.

Probably the worst sexual dream to have is having sex with your worst enemy or someone you truly despise. But, before you choke up and get sick, hear us out.

Banging your enemy in a dream could be your subconscious asking you to make amends somehow. Whether that means to apologize, or to accept theirs, or just to let bygones be bygones and stop the hate.

It’s even possible that they have something or they do something that you would like to be doing right now. First, admit that to yourself, and then realize that you can do it much better if you try.

Dreaming About: Being Pregnant

The meaning of dreaming about being pregnant.
The meaning of dreaming about being pregnant.

Even though it seems pretty weird to have a pregnancy dream when you’re a man, remember, dreams are metaphorical and not literal.

For women, it doesn’t mean you’re pregnant either. These pregnancy dreams mean that something is growing and building inside of you and you’re going to need a lot of love and care to birth it.

Maybe you already have something that you’re working on and building, this type of dream is telling you that you have what it takes to carry this dream all the way through.

Dreaming About: Orgies

Dreaming about orgies.
Dreaming about orgies.

Contrary to popular belief, and a lot of little boy locker room talk, dreaming about orgies all of the time is actually not a good thing. Even if you are having fun in the dream.

Orgies can mean that you have way too much going on in your life right now and you need to slow down. It could mean that you have too many people trying to pull you in different directions at once over something that is really important to you.

Take a step back and see if there is something in your life where a lot of people seem to have different opinions on you and what you’re doing. Slow down if you’re doing too much at once, there’s nothing in this world that is worth your well-being.

Dreaming About: Getting It on in a Childhood Home or Elementary School

Dreaming about getting it on a elementary school.
Dreaming about getting it on a elementary school.

A childhood home or elementary school in any dream means that something in your life is either childlike or reminding you of your childhood. Having sex in your childhood home is no different, it could be correlating the way you feel in your relationship at this time.

If you’re feeling insecure about your current relationship, dreaming about having sex in your parent's house or the school you went to probably is reflecting how childish and insecure you feel about things.

Dreaming About: A Super Hot Fantasy or Wild Orgasm

Sexy woman touching her hair.
Dreaming about a hot fantasy.

This is the kind of dream that when you wake up you realize that you have a reminder waiting there for you in your bed. And you’ll be trying to go back to sleep just to get back to that person again.

So, what does it mean when you dream about having this amazing, wild orgasm or a lifelong fantasy played out right there for you?

Well, it could mean just that - it’s been a fantasy for quite some time now and your mind can’t shake the feeling, even when you’re sleeping. In fact, your mind knows that this fantasy of yours has been sitting there for so long now, that it probably thinks that’s where it belongs so it only comes out when you’re sleeping!

Remember when you were younger and you could dream about being whisked away by one of your favorite Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls? It’s kind of like that, a childhood fantasy trapped in your head that is dying to get out and the next best thing? Dreaming about it.

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