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Sexting: What Is It, How to Get Started and Examples

By Summer Corkran

What Is Sexting?

What sexting is.
What sexting is.

Sexting is the sending and receiving of sexual content through the use of technology and devices. This can include many different tools, including your smartphone or webcam. Sexting can be considered an image, a line of text, or even a video.

Most forms of sexting are sent between spouses or people sharing a relationship; however, many single people, coworkers, and online friends can also sext amongst each other. It's important to know the boundaries of sexting, as once you send something explicit virtually, it is often very hard to trace and remove.

Most of the time, any photos or videos sent through an online app or a mobile phone are nearly impossible to erase completely, and all sexters should be aware of their actions as well as their 'cyber footprint.'

Sexting is a fun way for people to experience emotions and physical arousal without the company near them. Whether you're sharing playful banter, imaginative stories, or dirty pictures- many people resort to sexting in order to have a good time at the most inopportune locations and moments.

When consensual from both parties, it can be a great experience and can even build up a lot of sexual tension before your next visit to the bedroom. When not consensual by both parties, however, this is an act that can be viewed as a crime or misdemeanor.

Not only can this land you in jail, but it will ruin your relationship with whomever it is you're aiming to impress with your texts and photos. Always make yourself aware of all rules and regulations, as well as the person you are trying to send the information to before you commit to your act.

Otherwise, be sure to be safe and have fun. Sexting can be a great way for people to enjoy themselves as long as they follow the basic guidelines and aren't too pushy with unwanted sexts.

How Do Men Start Sexting?

How men get started with sexting

By statistics, men perform in the act of sexting far more than women do. They do so by exchanging photos and texts meant to arouse or peak an interest in their partner or chosen acceptant.

Whether these sexts are always consensual or not depends on the person sending them, however, there are many different ways that men can perform sexting in a safe and comfortable setting.

1. Intimate Pics.

Men who send pictures, videos, and texts about their penises are the most common way that most men perform sexting. Whether it's flaccid or erect, men will send pictures of these to their wives, girlfriends, or targets of interest in hopes of sparking fantasies of sexual nature.

Many dick pics only show the genitalia and nothing else, leaving much to the imagination of the target receiving the photos. These are meant to be enticing and fun, and can lead to a lot of interesting sexts to follow up with, as long as the sexts are well received.

Never send an unsolicited dick pic to an unwary user, as well as any other sexts on this list. This is considered sexual harassment and won't be viewed as a very pleasing picture to the receiving party.

2. Body Shots.

Body shots are a fun way for men to show off their muscles, recent ab workouts, or even to flex that 'dad bod.' These are normally performed in front of a mirror and are used to attract the recipient and invite them to explore their personal space further than other people.

Men will send these with their arms flexing, shirtless, or in other poses deemed attractive by themselves. This is a fun and exciting method of showing somebody what you have going on underneath the clothing, and if well received, can lead to receiving body shots of your soon-to-be sexting partner.

3. Videos of Self Pleasure.

Videos and photos of self-pleasure and incredibly intimate moments are a fast way to stir up some hormones inside of your partner. Not only is this a great way to pleasure yourself, but it's fun for your partner to view as they watch you climax.

The human instinct of watching an attractive mate climax is exhilarating and can lead to a lot of pleasure hormones being released. These feel-good hormones are what draw many people to sexual acts in the first place.

4. Intimate Phrases and Fantasies.

Sharing special thoughts and fantasies that are sexually arousing can be a lot of fun between two people. It's essentially like sharing the mental and emotional fun of sex, without the physical intimacy.

This is a very easy form of sexting, and can lead to a lot of great conversations. Throw in a picture or video every now and then to really spice up the romance and get both of your hearts pumping.

How Do Women Start Sexting?

How do women get started with sexting?

Just like men, women can perform in sexting as well. Many methods they use are shared with men, such as the body shots, intimate phrases and fantasies, and explicit videos. However, women do have a few useful tools to use against men in terms of sexting, and both can be a lot of fun for both parties to share and enjoy with each other.

1. Breast Pics.

Women can send images and videos of their breasts to their partners to tease, seduce, or arouse. Whether it's a video of one playing with their chest, or even just some close-up snapshots of the body, these are all very exciting to a partner and can be used greatly during sexting. Posing in certain costumes and lingerie is another way to tease your partner and be a great starter to a sexting conversation.

2. Intimate Pics.

Just like the breasts, the vaginal area is a weapon that only women possess and can use for sexting purposes. These can be useful tools to record, take photos of, or even to describe in text in hopes of arousing your partner.

Have fun with self-pleasure while recording yourself, or even just trim up your area and take some sexy pictures for your partner to see on their phone later in the day. Either way, this is an excellent method for women to use in hopes of securing some fun sexting conversations.

What Are the Benefits of Sexting?

Sexting benefits.
Sexting benefits.

1. More Emotional Intimacy.

Partners can build more emotional intimacy with each other while sexting. The bonds created with that level of trust can help expand your relationship to an entirely different level in a very fun setting.

2. Convenience.

Sexting is a very convenient method! Not only can you perform it anywhere at nearly any time with certain criteria met, but you can also experience it in so many different forms and fashions.

3. Self Validation.

Validating yourself and building confidence is a great benefit from sexting. Not only does your partner's interest in your body and words spark a lot of self-support, but it can also show just how attractive you really are to somebody without having to feel self-conscious in the heat of the moment.

4. Fun and Pleasure.

Sexting is meant to be fun and pleasurable, and releases lots of hormones inside of the human brain while being performed. This gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, but it can make you smile and feel better on even the worst of days.

What Are Some Ways to Send a Sext?

Ways to send a sext.
Ways to send a sext.

1. Texting.

Sending a sext through your smartphone is one of the easiest methods out there. Not only is it very fast and convenient, but you can perform it in seconds as long as you have a steady cell service connection. You can text pictures, videos, and messages through the use of texting.

This was the very first way people started to sext, and gave the method its origins. Many different types of users choose to use this form of sexting due to convenience.

2. Email.

Sending emails is great for using sexting when delivering bulk amounts of content. It's the fastest way of sending multiple pictures and videos at the same time, and can even allow for several pages worth of text made to excite and entice your partner.

Use this method if you have some free time on your hands and really want to get your partner going. This isn't necessarily as convenient as sending a quick text, but this can still be a lot of fun in the long run.

3. Social Media.

Social media has many different forms of messaging platforms that you can use for your sexting purposes. Platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat allow for secret messages and disappearing photos that many people use for sexting.

You can't always ensure that these images will stay between the two of you, however, if consensual sexting is occurring, it's a good way to keep your pictures, videos, and messages a little more private. This is also a very convenient form of messaging, and can be engaged from any cell service or internet connection.

4. Video Calling.

Platforms such as Skype and Facetime are both great ways to sext with a partner. They're based entirely off a live video feed, and you can perform many different acts while experiencing this method.

This is one of the best ways to remain close to your partner while not being physically near them, and you can talk to each other and show whatever you want to flaunt in the privacy of your own bedroom. This isn't a convenient method, but certainly one of the more fun choices on this list.

Sexting is a fun and intimate method of staying close with your partner when you really aren't all that close. Whether you're away on a business trip, workday, or running a simple errand, choose this method to explore a lot of different fantasies, pictures, and videos with your partner. This is an excellent way of feeling intimate and close without all of the stress and pressure of the typical sexual encounter.

Whether you're aiming to rebuild some emotional bonds between you and your partner, experience some happy hormones while bored at home, or even just exceptionally curious about a certain person in mind, sexting is a fun and safe way of experiencing all of this and more.

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