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How to Find Out if Someone Is Using Tinder

By Grant R.

With the way social media and the internet altogether just throw women and men at singles (all couples too), it’s not easy to just continue going about your day with that new boo of yours and not wonder if they are out there still looking for someone else online.

Even if you’ve been with them for some time now, if they’ve started acting differently it makes you wonder if they’ve got their eye on anyone else. Tinder would be the perfect discreet place to find and chat with other people, without anyone knowing.

With Tinder being the new “it” dating scene (and they make it so easy) and with it being kind of hard to just go on there and search for someone (you can’t), how would you know if they were using Tinder right now to talk to other potential dates?

How to find out if someone is in a dating social media.

We’ve studied the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and we’ve compiled a list of ways you can find out if someone is sneaking around on Tinder or not.

1. Just Straight Up Ask Them

Ask them if they're using Tinder.
Ask if they're using Tinder.

Honestly, you’d be surprised at how many people are reading this thinking “oh my God, I never of thought just asking them”, you could even text them and ask them if you don’t think you could do it face to face.

However you do it, don’t sound rude or harsh at all, even if you’re mad, if you get mad then it gives them a reason to be mad and then they won’t answer truthfully.

But if you ask them in a funny way like “I bet you get a lot of matches still on Tinder” with a laugh, they may think it’s not such a big deal and tell you the truth about it.

No matter what they physically say though, always pay attention to how they say it. The way they move, which way their eyes look, are they nervous? Noting all of these things and then checking it to see if it is something a liar would do, it’s not a sure way to tell someone is lying but it’s a damn good start.

Tips on how to know if someone is lying: if they look to the left while answering a question this is sometimes an indication of a lie. If someone acts nervous while saying the opposite (denying something they wouldn’t be nervous about if they didn’t do it), this can raise suspicion also.

2. Join in on the Fun

Join tinder and find out.
Join tinder and find out.

This choice is going to require a few steps, you don’t just join and search for them - you can’t do that. There is literally nowhere to search for someone on Tinder, it’s a swipe game that only people who join are able to play.

Once you’re signed up though, you will appear in their search results because you’re close and in the same area. This is where it gets a tad bit tricky. Time to get your investigator cap on.

Create a profile that isn’t you..

I told you it was about to get tricky, but if this goes against your morals then maybe you shouldn’t be dating someone that you think is on Tinder right now. Just saying, you deserve better than having to resort to this.

Create a profile that isn’t you but is still someone like you in his or her area. Again, you’ll appear in each other’s search results because you are close together as far as location goes.

Check out their photos

If they’ve updated their profile photo since you last knew it when you two matched and started hanging out, you might have something to worry about. Also, check their bio, if anything has recently changed, that’s a huge red flag.

I mean, unless the photo is of the two of you and their bio says “now taken”, if they’ve updated either or both you might have something to be concerned about due to the fact of, why would they care to change anything on a dating site when they’ve already snagged their date?

Pay attention to the location

There’s an automatic update in Tinder that happens each and every time that you open up the app, meaning that if you don’t open up Tinder, your location will never update.

This also means that if you do open the app, your location automatically and without your help at all, updates, and shows for everyone on Tinder.

For us investigating, this is an ideal situation because it happens whether the user likes it or not, and now we know two things: you opened up the dating app and your location.

Try to match them

Here’s where it gets serious because we all know that feeling of your heart dropping to your stomach when you find out someone has been cheating on you, or at least some of us know that gut-wrenching pain.

Basically, you feel like you swallowed your heart and it now lies in the pits of your stomach where it will forever stay - that’s what getting cheated on feels like.

So, at this point in the investigation, we know it’s a crucial one because here’s the thing - whether they reject you and unmatch, or they match with you it’s kind of bad either way. Rejecting you could mean that they’re still on there searching and they just didn’t like “you” in particular.

Of course, it could be a good thing and maybe they’re rejecting everyone? Still, they wouldn’t really need to do that would they? I mean, instead of rejecting every single person just don’t use it or delete it, right?

Send a message to them..if you dare

Remember, you’re not Sally his girlfriend, you are Amanda down the street - send a simple, to the point message that doesn’t give much away at all. And don’t be all crazy pretend horny either and see if he’ll have sex with you on the very first message...that could ruin the whole investigation.

Just simply say “hey, I see we matched, what’s up?” or “hey, I saw we were close and you’re cute. How are you?” and leave it at that. This is more forward than you realize because it’s saying cute and matched if they’re so worried about being taken they’ll shoot the person down in the first couple of messages by telling them about you.

On the flip side, if they’re a loser, they’ll respond to the cute or matched comment in a way they shouldn’t by either giving it back and not saying anything about you at all, or soaking in the compliment and not saying anything about you, only thinking about themselves and what this “new” person just said.

3. Pay for Those Professional Bots to Find Out for You

Pay professionals to check if your partner is using Tinder.
Pay professionals to check if your partner is using Tinder.

That’s right, you can pay someone else to do the investigating for you privately and professionally. I guess you would call them professional Tinder investigators? They’re actually apps that you pay for and they use bots to scroll through users on Tinder.

We don’t know how accurate or advanced these apps are just yet but we know they’re used strictly for finding someone on Tinder alone.

They are apps dedicated to searching through users just to find the one you are paying them to find, so we assume they are at least accurate enough to find the one you’re looking for.

4. Have Someone Else With a Tinder Do It

Ask a friend to find your partner on Tinder.
Ask a friend to find your partner on Tinder.

If you don’t want to pay and you don’t want to create a fake profile and have to go through all of the mess and stress of finding them yourself, you could always just have a friend do it. Especially a friend who is already on Tinder.

Then they would play the part of the flirty girl next door and see what your man does. Or they can let you use their own profile and pretend to be them, whatever your friend is cool with.

Don’t be stupid and let it be a friend that he or she has already met of yours though or someone they personally know already, it’s smarter to have it be someone they have never seen or heard about - or at least won’t recollect you talking about.

Websites & Apps That Will Help You Find Someone on Tinder

Use technology to find out if they're in tinder.
  • - This is the best option to use if you only have one or two pieces of information about your lover, and it's something simple like an email or a picture of them online. Of course, it's even better if you have more information than that.

Social Catfish will use millions of sources to analyze the information given and search the internet for this specific information. They say they have the most info available and it looks like you can search on your own for very little to nothing, or hire a specialist to do the work for you.

  • - If you ever heard of "Swipe Buster" before as a cheater-catching website or app, they are now called Cheater Busters and they've appeared on Vice, Good Morning America, and appeared in Vanity Fair Magazine as well as Cosmo.

It's quite safe to say they're the most popular of the Tinder busting bunch, and with plans as low as $9.99 per month you can have someone's Tinder account monitored - assuming they still have one.

  • - Truth Finder is pretty much an online and social media track record and you can find out if someone is using Tinder through this website, as they claim, pretty easily.

However, this site is a little more in-depth considering it performs extensive background checks on the person in question and has been featured on places like Yahoo! Finance, and HuffPost.

  • - Featured on TechJunkie and Inspiration Daily, you can use Albion-Services starting at just $7.00 to find the person you're looking for on Tinder.

They say they are one of the quickest in the business and since they focus mainly on Tinder users, we'd say that's probably true. They're also one of the only ones we've found that will allow you to talk directly to the person using Tinder from their platform if you wish to do so.

Secret Tricks to Help You Find Someone on Tinder

Use third party services that will catch your fellow cheater.

So you can use either your "new" Tinder profile that you previously created or use someone else's depending on which route you chose, and actually update some things within your own profile and on your end that will help you find them much faster.

1. Change discovery preferences for your app search

For this to work, you'll need to know their gender preference, location, and age and make sure that your details match theirs and their search preferences.

The key here is to end up in their search results, so while this does not necessarily directly help you find them, it will allow the two of you to end up finding each other and appearing in one another's results.

2. Update the location settings

This option is perfect for those who only know where to locate their person in question and don't know much of anything else about them.

Updating your location settings and ensuring you are in the same exact location they are in, will certainly improve your chances of being able to find them on the app.

3. Username search

Social Catfish claims that you can look up someone on Tinder (under your own profile) by their Tinder username if you know it that is. The link would be:

If you don't know what their username could be you could always try using one they have for Instagram, and/or Facebook. Most people use the same ones or similar ones across all of their social media, so it's worth a try.

4. Do a reverse image search

This can help in one of two ways, you could take one of their main and recent photos and do a simple Google reverse image search, or use one of our suggested websites above to do an image search.

Another way this helps is if you don't have any information to go on but their photo. If you pull up social information for them from putting their photo into Google search you can try using that information on Tinder to find them.

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