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Jiggle Balls: What They Are, How They Work and Improve Sex

By Summer Corkran

No, we aren’t talking about men and their jiggly sacs, and we’re not talking about a sport with a wacky ball - we’re simply speaking about the toy slash exercise product for your vagina, jiggle balls. If you’re a “Fifty Shades” fan chances are you know exactly what we are talking about.

Specifically, the term and idea of the sex toy ‘jiggle balls’ came about when Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades Darker” introduced the toy in one of the popular movie scenes. Ironically enough, that wasn’t the first time the fifties crew spoke of the most wanted and talked about vagina enhancer of its’ time.

The toy “jiggle balls” was actually introduced before the movie, in the book itself, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and as you can imagine, the idea has only exploded since.

But jiggle balls aren’t just toys, they’re used for much more than just sexual pleasure. They’re mainly used for exercising your pelvic muscles, strengthening and tightening the vagina, more-so than used for sexual pleasure.

So, what the hell are jiggle balls and why are they so damn special to everyone? Further, where did they come from and why didn’t we do this fifty years ago...or did we?

We were certainly intrigued by this topic ourselves and did a whole lot of reading and researching on it due to our curiosity. Here is the most comprehensive, unofficial guide to everything you need to know about jiggle balls.

The Many Names for Jiggle Balls

Women having fun in the park.
Jiggle balls and their multiple names.

Before we dive into the who, what, when, where, and hows of these balls, you might have actually heard of them before and didn’t even know it. Jiggle balls have many different names, and the most popular one being “Kegel Balls”. If you’ve heard of kegel exercises, chances are there were some jiggle balls involved during that workout.

Some of the many other popular names for the world's most popular balls are:

  • Orgasm balls
  • Venus balls
  • Geisha balls
  • Pleasure balls
  • Love balls
  • Love eggs
  • Kegel trainers
  • Ben Wa balls
  • Toner balls
  • Kegel exercise balls

What Are Jiggle Balls?

Woman chatting about the jiggle balls.
All you need to know about the Jiggle Balls.

Jiggle balls are considered sex toys in the way that they help improve orgasms, but technically they’re for exercising, weights designed to strengthen the vaginal wall.

Of course, they are so much more than this but the definition of jiggle or kegel balls is simply to ‘toughen up’ your vagina and pelvic muscles, thus increasing the pleasure during sex.

As far as looks, they can vary in shape and size but essentially they’re two egg-shaped balls on a string.

For professional ballers (see what we did there?) you can try the balls that come without a cord or string attached, but for beginners and newbies, we recommend purchasing ones with cords before you’re super comfortable letting these babies go inside of you without a life jacket to pull them out.

Where Jiggle Balls Come From?

Where do jiggle balls come from?
Where do jiggle balls come from?

These balls were designed along with pelvic muscle building exercises, kind-of like weights with barbells and benches, to help the process of “pelvic muscle toning and building” run quicker and more efficiently.

Again, when you work out in the gym, you’ll get much more accomplished as far as tightening up and strengthening muscles, if you use weights and barbells, etc, rather than just running and jumping in place.

How to Use Jiggle Balls

Instructions to use Jiggle balls.
Instructions to use Jiggle balls.

1. Preparation

First and foremost, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap. Once those hands are clean you can now clean those balls the same way - warm water and antibacterial soap. Be sure to dry thoroughly with a towel once they’ve been washed.

Unless you’re a kegel, jiggle ball professionally, you may want to get them lubed up with some nice water-based lubricant before inserting them into your vagina.

2. Insertion

  1. Lube it up, girl! As we stated before, a nice water-based lube works wonders for inserting these balls (and pretty much for anything that goes in there) and you can never have too much so lube away!
  2. Position yourself comfortably in a chair or on the bed, preferably with your legs wide open just as you would for your man when he comes home from work every night, right?
  3. Slowly and ever-so-gently, start to insert your first ball into your vaginal canal.
  4. Since jiggle balls are typically attached together by a string or cord, you’ll want to push that inside of you too once that first ball is in.
  5. Now it’s time to start inserting that second ball, slowly. If this is your very first time, it’s normal to feel a little bit strange while doing this. We promise though, it’s not going to hurt you.
  6. Once the second ball is inside of you, make sure you leave some of the string or cord hanging out but the ball will need to not be visible to you.
  7. There you have it, tighten up that vagina and go on about your business!

3. Once they’re inserted

So you’ve got your balls inside of you now, first, do you feel right? Or do you feel like they’re about to fall out of your body? If so, push that second ball back up in there baby. Feel like you’ve got balls inside of your vagina? Well, then you’re doing it right.

You’re going to feel a tingly sensation down there and this is going to intensify when you move, walk, run, jump, and any other action there is, you’ll feel it down there.

But this feeling of awkwardness does eventually go away and instead, you’ll start to feel more invigorated and you’ll really get the sense of doing something good for your body.

The biggest thing to note here is that you’ll need to try and move your pelvic muscles around, as much as you possibly can, to try and get the balls in place in your canal. Your goal is obviously to feel comfortable with both of the balls snuggly sitting inside of you.

Now that you feel right down there, it’s time to put the jiggle balls to actual use.

4. For sexual pleasure (solo)

Even though jiggle balls can be considered a sex toy, they aren’t a sex toy in the way that other toys are sex toys.

These balls are almost always better just left inside the way they are because of how intensified everything else is with them inside of you. Even rubbing your clit during a masturbation session could be intensified by ‘wearing’ kegel or jiggle balls.

However, moving them in and out of your vagina is also an option that some say do work for them. Many women say that simply lying on the bed with the balls inserted, flexing their pelvic muscles around the balls alone can bring them to orgasm.

It all depends on your arousal level to whatever movement works best for you.

5. For sexual pleasure (with a partner)

We don’t recommend it for first-timers or newbies, but you are able to have sex with your male partner and have the jiggle balls inside of you, he just has to move slow and careful. The balls will not only feel great for you but for him as well.

There are ways to pleasure each other while using jiggle balls but without penetration too, remember earlier we said that they make everything feel better? Have him provide oral stimulation or even him touching you with the jiggle balls in place, this can bring you to a huge happy ending.

6. For pelvic exercising

If you’ve already mastered the art of kegel exercising and pelvic exercising alone without the balls, maybe try adding the balls to your next routine.

You can also try different jiggle/kegel ball exercises that generally have you lying on your back (with the balls in place) lifting up and squeezing your pelvic muscles, then contracting and releasing to complete one set.

7. Removing the balls

Woman surprised about the jiggle balls and how to remove them.
yes, we got it, you love the jiggle balls, but now, how do you take it off.

*IMPORTANT TIP*: You should remove your jiggle balls/kegel balls after having them in for up to four hours, certainly no longer than six hours.

With string

Lay down in a comfortable position and add lube to your vaginal opening to help these balls slide out easily. Slowly pull on the string or cord until each ball has come out. Don’t worry, these are made for your vaginal canal, so they’re bound to slide out effortlessly.

Without string

For the pros who do without string, they say the best thing to do when removing the balls is actually quite the opposite of those with string, you stand up. Almost like a mother hen laying her eggs, you’ll stand up, knees bent slightly to open your vagina even more and then slowly start to use the vaginal muscles to push each ball out.

According to the women who do this, it is no different than pulling out a tampon or sex toy. So, there you have it.

Health Benefits From Using Jiggle Balls

Woman under sheets.
Health benefits of using the Jiggle balls.

While these balls are only inserted into women, that certainly does not mean that men won’t benefit from them as well - at least when it comes to their sex life anyways.

But for women, these balls might be one of the best things she’s ever put into her vagina, considering there are actually health benefits (and not just sexual pleasures) that you can get from using these bad boys!

Here are just a few of those super amazing health benefits you can obtain just from using jiggle/kegel balls:

  • Exercises your pelvic floor
  • Tones up your pelvic muscles
  • It is a total vaginal workout (tightens your vagina)
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps with urinary incontinence
  • Builds pelvic strength
  • Strengthens and builds your Pubococcygeus muscle, also known as the PC muscle, that controls both urinating and orgasms

How Jiggle Balls Can Help Your Sex Life

Woman having pleasure.
How the jiggle balls can improve your sex life.

It’s no secret that kinky, out of the ordinary sex can save your marriage, not to mention sex toys are a super hot way to spice up any ordinary sex-capade. But jiggle balls can work wonders for your sex life in more ways than one - and we’ll tell you all of them we found.

  • Improves orgasms creating more intense & much more powerful happy endings
  • It provides a tighter sensation (for him), so not only does the woman get pleasure from this because of her vagina gripping his penis, but the man is also pleased with the secureness he’s feeling!
  • Improves sexual pleasure & sexual health all around
  • Builds arousal between you and your partner when they’ve been used correctly
  • Great for foreplay
  • Not only are orgasms more intense with jiggle balls, now they are easier to achieve!
  • Wearing them before sex will allow you to become more aroused and possibly even more lubricated right before the fun

Tips and Suggestions for Your Jiggle Balls

Women excited of using the Jiggle balls.
The best advice for you to use your Jiggle Balls.

1. Choosing the right balls for you

As a beginner or a newbie, it might be best to start out with smaller balls and either plastic or silicone as your material. We really don’t suggest getting any without a string or cord, unless you know you’re good at inserting and removing them without one.

However, every girl is different, and there are several key points to look at when purchasing the right set for you. The material it is made out of, how many balls you’d like and also the size of the balls, and then either a string or no string. It all depends on you and your comfort level, as well as your arousal level and what size you might specifically need for you.

2. Cleaning your balls

Cleaning your jiggle balls or kegel balls might be the single most important step there is in this whole process. If you don’t clean them correctly they could produce bacteria that will cause an infection - always, always, ALWAYS clean and then store your jiggle balls properly.

Any time they are used you will run them under hot water, and wash the heck out of them with antibacterial soap. Get them as soapy as you can and wash them for at least a good five minutes. Once they’ve been soaped up and washed off, pat them dry and give them their own sealed tight case to rest in.

3. Risks and things to look out for

Always check the seams of your balls when they arrive or before you purchase if you can, especially if the purchase is a little on the cheaper side. Cracked seams and holes can pinch you and really hurt, so it’s worth taking a look over once you have the balls in hand.

The same above idea stands for glass material and glass blown balls, even though they are pretty to look at and give off a somewhat elegant vibe (at least in my opinion), it’s still best to look for any cracks in the pieces.

It’s best to take your time looking over something rather than making a big purchase, just to get home and see you can’t use it - or something worse happen, you use it and get hurt.

Always inspect your pieces before purchasing them if you can. As stated before, cleaning your balls properly will completely eliminate the possibility that you’ll get an infection from using them, so unless you plan on not washing your balls, there aren’t any associated risks with using these exercise sex balls.

We don’t recommend that anyone who is pregnant or was recently pregnant and gave birth, or anyone who has any type of pelvic or vaginal issues at this time to try out kegel or jiggle balls just yet either, to be more on the safe side - at least not without consulting your doctor first.

And of course, if you experience any pain at all or you’re not comfortable with these exercise balls inside of your vagina, please remove them immediately and seek any physician's help as needed!

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