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What Is Tribbing the Guide to Lesbian Scissoring

By Summer Corkran

If you’re a lesbian (or you just love lesbian porn) chances are you’ve seen or heard of scissoring. Scissoring is a sex position, where two girls use their legs to “act as scissors” while they grind their vulvas on and up against one another.

It’s definitely a thing, but porn doesn’t exactly showcase it in the way it really is.

Ladies that have tried it say it’s super exhausting, and it’s not exactly as hot and as erotic as it looks, considering what you watch online and what it looks and feels like in real life are two totally different things. But what about Tribbing?

Is tribbing some new type of sexual position, or just another name for scissoring? Neither.

Tribbing is literally any sex act performed between two lesbian lovers, where at least one of the lovers rubs her vulva against the other partner anywhere while scissoring is a sex position where two vulvas touch and grind.

So, actually scissoring is a form of Tribbing if you want to be technical. Tribbing could simply be one rubbing her vagina on her girlfriend's face.

The Art of Tribbing

Sexy woman behind a tree branch.
The art behind tribbing


Tribbing is short for tribadism, which again, is a sexual act between two women where at least one of the women grinds her vagina on her partner for clitoral stimulation.

It basically refers to non-penetrative sex and the term was derived from the ancient Greek and Roman times.

In fact, the word ‘tribade’ comes from tribadism too, meaning “the most vulgar lesbian”, and since lesbian sex was so taboo and “not right” in those days, they used lesbians in a lot of their Greek and Latin satires.

They would make fun of women having sex with other women, saying either their clitorises were enlarged or they just were not able to enjoy the feeling of penetration unless they had a phallus (which we now call a dildo or vibrator).

In 1601, you’ll be able to find the first recorded text in English regarding tribadism, when Ben Jonson wrote “Praeludium Poem X in The Forest” and included some lesbian sex acts into the text.

When the Victorian era blossomed, lesbians and those who were for tribadism, of course, were ridiculed, shamed, and considered degenerates, prostitutes, and criminals.

Not exactly sure how liking other women as a woman would make you any of those things, but people are close-minded and shallow - it looks like it’s been that way for quite some time now.

Female Humans Aren’t the Only Ones That Love Tribbing

Lesbian woman supporting the cause.
Lesbians aren’t the only ones that love Tribbing

Believe it or not, humans aren’t the only species that practice lesbian sex or Tribbing for that matter. Female bonobos will actually spend time stimulating each other, one partner will wrap both legs and arms around the other while that other lifts them up.

The pair rub clitorises for about ten to twenty seconds and they’ll do this every two hours - could you imagine every couple of hours? That's basically, at least, 12 hours per day you have some time to 'get off'.

We also can’t help but wonder if male bonobos ever swing by on a tree, while two females are rubbing together, and try to stop to either watch or would they ask to join in?

Seriously, do male bonobos get turned on from this act at all?

Tribbing Sexual Positions

Woman with a satisfactory reaction.
The multiple positions Tribbing have.

1. Good ole’ missionary position

The oldest trick in the book but still a promising one, lesbians can also take part in missionary position contrary to popular belief. It’s not just for a man and a woman any longer, it can now be between any two or more lesbian lovers.

You actually have a couple of ways that this ‘lesbian sex missionary position” can be performed as an art of Tribbing. Since Tribbing is the act of one female rubbing and grinding her vagina on her partner, you can actually have multiple positions for missionary sex.

The most common way to have lesbian missionary sex is simply the way most men and women do it, one will lie on the bottom while the other straddles over her.

This is where you can get creative and start throwing up one leg, just as a man does when pounding his girl, or the girl on top can be the cowgirl riding her horse to the finish line.

2. Reverse cowgirl

Since we mentioned briefly above how the cowgirl is a sex position for lesbian couples as well as it is for heterosexuals, well, therefore, so is the reverse cowgirl.

It would be performed in the same manner as any other couple, with one lady on top straddling her girlfriend, and her butt facing towards her girlfriends face.

While she straddles, the girl on top has all of the control and uses her feet or knees (whatever she feels like doing at that time) to grind back and forth. Since clitoral stimulation is the key here when it comes to female-female sex, the best movement you can do with your vagina to “hit the spot” is to grind on the clitoris.

3. Doggy style

This position may seem a little strange to some, considering there’s nothing to penetrate with and you can’t exactly grind on each other this way either, but there are ways around this making doggy style for lesbians a pretty hot experience.

Of course, you could always use a dildo or strap-on to please one of the ladies while the other just does all of the work, but if we’re talking lesbians who don’t like strap-ons this is a perfect position for touching and erotic kissing, massaging, whatever it is she likes.

The girl being the “dog” in doggy style can either lean forward as normal, or she can stand on her knees and lean back into her girlfriend, creating some pretty passionate kissing sessions. She could also use this time to rub on her girlfriends' clit.

4. Crossed missionary AKA ‘The student's position'

The crossed missionary position is also called the student's position and is quite possibly the most intimate Tribbing position there is. The two never touch vagina’s but there’s still such an intimate, sexy, and erotic bond that incurs when intertwined in this way.

Basically, it’s almost missionary except the girls intertwine their legs around each other to where their vulvas rest on each other's inner thighs.

It’s the most sensual and romantic because it’s not rough, or dirty, you’re able to kiss during the slow grinding, it’s just an all-around more sensual position than the others, allowing for more grabbing and kissing rather than focusing on what your vagina is doing.

Of course, you could make it dirty by humping each other's legs fast and hard, but this only makes you tired in the long run.

5. 69

Yes, sixty-nine can be a form of Tribbing if one or both girls are using their vagina to grind or hump her partner's face. Even if only one decides to sit upon a face - if she’s grinding her vagina on her female lover, she’s Tribbing with her.

69 is a two-way trib because both ladies can grind their clits on the lips of their lover. Of course, if one is just eating then it’s more or less just oral sex for her, but if she’s humping to get off on her face, then it’s just another way to trib.

  • And anything else she can get her vagina on...

We don’t mean to sound funny but since Tribbing is the literal act of one woman rubbing her vagina and clitoris onto the partner of her lover, anywhere, then she really is allowed to hump a leg or an arm if she truly sees fit.

How to Make Tribbing Feel Even Better

Woman likes her appetizer.
How to get the most pleasure with Tribbing.

If you and your girl are in love or at least really, really like each other, Tribbing will feel good either way. But if you’re new to the world of lesbian sex then you might need some tips and suggestions to help you (and your girl) have some of the best sex you’ve ever had.

1. Clean up down there

Whether you keep it bald or have a design in your buzzcut down there, before you get your groove on, make sure that little beauty is clean. And don’t make sure it’s so clean that whatever you used irritates your partner's eyes or tongue, but definitely make sure you smell good and you’re washed up.

2. Stretch it out

Being flexible is super important in a lesbian relationship if you are sexually active because then you can try out some pretty cool positions. But even if you aren’t that flexible, stretching before having sex will ‘up’ your chances of being able to bend just a little more than usual.

The reason stretching and being a little flexible is so important is because, in order for two women to grind and have great sex, you’ll have to be able to open up and move your legs around in such ways to be able to do some Tribbing.

3. Foreplay...and lots of it (if she can handle it)

Before you get to the dirtiest deed of all, just like with men and women couples, lesbian couples need lots of foreplay as well. Depending on what she personally likes, do a few minutes of this before getting deep into the deed.

Not only will this get her in the mood for what’s coming next, but it’ll also prepare her for what might be coming next. Giving her attention with your lips and tongue in other places can make her wet down there, making for easier fingering and penetration with toys.

4. Lube and toys

If both of you approve, whip out some toys like a vibrator or dildo during sex and see if you're able to literally hit the spot, and in places that she just can’t reach (and didn't know you could either).

The partner can use a toy hitting the g-spot while giving her the clitoral stimulation she needs at the same time.

Earlier we mentioned “making her wet” and if you do this right, you won’t even need lube, but some women are harder to “make wet” and we get that too (it's not your fault) - that’s what lube is for. Perfect for toys and any penetration.

5. Eye contact and passionate kissing

Use this method if you want to “wow” your woman and show her just how much you care about her. Making eye contact during a trib session is like saying “I love you so much baby and only you” in her eyes. And we all know what making out during sex feels like, sexy and intimate.

6. Letting her know how it feels

If she’s vocal and she likes you to be vocal, tell her how amazing it feels while she’s down there or while she’s humping your inner thigh. If she’s not really a verbal type but likes the noises, make noises while she caresses your skin or grinds on you.

The way you move also says a lot about how you feel too, lying completely still makes you seem lifeless and in the casket, which is super unattractive and a super turn-off.

Move your body with your feelings, move to the feeling of the chills that are going up and down your spine but don’t lay lifeless and so quiet that she thinks she killed you.

How to Practice Safe Tribbing

Lesbian woman enjoying the weather.
How to practice the best and safe Tribbing

Contrary to popular belief, two women having sex can be just as dangerous, as far as transmitted diseases, as two men or a man and woman having sex.

Since you can get sexually transmitted infections from the skin to skin contact, genital to genital, and saliva to saliva contact, it’s actually super simple to pass on any sicknesses from partner to partner.

Women who are menstruating really should avoid sex altogether, especially if both women are on their periods at the same time. This really raises the chances for STI’s and other issues. It’s also important to wash hands before sex and then of course, after it.

As we stated before, getting clean with a bath before any sex act is number one, top of the list, has to be done first and foremost before anything else. But make it an effort to literally go into the bathroom and wash your hands right before you touch your girl, and right when you are finished.

Getting in the habit of washing your hands a lot will work wonders for your immune system. Not to mention that this isn’t just for you but for your partner too.

Doctors say that sometimes dental dams can help prevent STIs and diseases, so if you aren't so sure about your partner just yet you could always use dental dams. Though they don't always prevent diseases, so just choose sex partners wisely.

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