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13 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

By Grant R.

It’s easy to get into a relationship with someone when feelings are running ramped and strong, but it’s not so easy to stay in that relationship, especially when feelings could fade over time.

They say that if you truly love someone that it will work out and find its way, but what they don’t tell you is that sometimes love just isn’t enough.

There are many things that you must do in a relationship to keep it going strong but to also make it last forever. There are essentials that every relationship must have in order to continue to last, in a positive way.

Things aren’t always going to be easy, but you can always stand by each other's side through the good, the bad, and the ugly to make it easier at least.

Things aren’t always going to be easy, but you can always stand by each other's side through the good, the bad, and the ugly to make it easier at least.

Before we dive into the essentials needed to keep your relationship going until the end of time, you must ask yourself if this relationship is worth fighting for and if the two of you are good together, and good for each other.

Sadly, there are millions of couples that stay together through it all and they are terrible for each other. This creates an awful relationship.

So, before you decide to fight for him or her and put in the steps it takes to last until death do you part, make sure they are deserving of your time and treat you right, to begin with - and vice versa.

List Of 13 Tips To Make Your Relationship Last Forever

1. Always Put Them First

Always put your partner first.

If you make your partner or lover feel like they are the most important person in your world, it subconsciously and even consciously lets them know just how much you truly care for them.

Let them know they are your number one girl or number one man, and never ever put someone ahead of them - especially someone of the same sex. Make sure they feel like they are the most important person in the world to you and that they are your number one lady or man.

2. Have Their Back Through Everything

Have your partner's back through everything.
Have your partner's back through everything.

Even when your partner is wrong, you can still have their back and let them know they were wrong but you got them anyway. If someone talks badly about them whether they are there or not, stand up for them.

Have their back when they are sad, upset, happy, or all of the above. Make sure they know that if nobody has their back, you do.

When your partner is struggling and going through something difficult in their life, showing them that you are their rock can put your relationship on the next level.

There are so many couples out there that don’t actually have each other’s backs and are almost out to destroy each other, which couldn’t be more of a toxic relationship for both of you.

Instead, you should always have your partners back through thick and thin, always encouraging them because you know they have so much potential.

3. Go Through Hard Situations Together

Go through hard situations together.
Go through hard situations together.

When couples face adversity together, it can do one of two things: make them stronger or break them up. If you all can work together through something extremely difficult, you’ll be able to get through anything.

Not only will you two be able to work out any kinks or issues that arise, but it will make your bond ten times stronger and that strength will never fade away if you’re meant to be together.

If you’re meant to be together, getting through something really hard for him or her or for the both of you will only increase your chances of staying together through anything - not decrease them.

Statistics show that couples who have faced adversity together end up staying together much longer than those who don’t face any type of adversity.

This just goes to show you that sometimes problems are supposed to happen, just so you two can fight through and come out stronger than ever on the other side.

4. Pay Attention to All of the Small Things

Pay attention to all the small things.
Pay attention to all the small things.

Humans are meant to be heard and loved, cared for and surprised with things they love every now and then. The most important thing you could do in a relationship is to listen to them, never exclude them out of any situation that arises, and pay attention to the things they love (and hate) the most.

Incorporate those small things they talk about into your relationship as well, so if he says that he’s been looking for this particular candy bar for years and can’t find it - order it for him online and surprise him with it.

Listening to your lover and incorporating all of their small likes into something really huge can be a super helpful thing for your relationship also.

For example, let’s say your partner is a huge Cap’N Crunch fan but that’s not something you all talk about (obviously) you’ve only heard your partner say how much they love that cereal.

One morning, while they are still asleep, go and fix them a bowl of their favorite cereal, put the bowl on a small table, and serve them breakfast in bed!

5. Surprise Them by Doing Something Together You’ve Never Done

Surprise your partner.
Surprise your partner.

Find something awesome and adrenaline pumping to do together, make sure they’re down with it too and then do it! Couples who experience new things with each other build a bond that can’t be touched by other relationships.

There’s something about a new place or doing new things, going on new adventures, with the ones you love that just connects the two of you together as nothing else will.

Surprise them with a trip to the mountains to go skiing if that is something they’ve always talked about doing but neither of you has ever done.

6. Have Deep Conversations With Each Other

Have deep conversations with your partner.
Have deep conversations with your partner.

Communication is key to any relationship, but having deep conversations with each other will put your relationship into a whole ‘nother category - and trust me, it’s one you want to be in.

Sit down as often as you can with each other and talk about life, love, your purpose in life, who the creator of the world is, how to handle certain situations, and so much more.

Communicating in this manner (with extremely deep topics) will not only build the two of you as a couple, but it will also build character and depth within yourself as one.

If you continue having deep conversations with one another, you’ll find that your relationship will be taken to the next level and you’ll be connecting with more than just attraction - you’ll start to feel the energy and possibly even a spark between the two of you.

Deep conversations connect you on a more soulful level, not just on the surface, and it’s going to be hard for another to even compete with that.

7. Teach Each Other What Turns You on Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally

Woman happy with her life situation.
Tell each other what turns you on and what it doesn't.

If you don’t teach or tell each other what turns you on (and off) not just physically and sexually, but also emotionally and mentally, you will never truly know and that could very well be your demise and downfall.

You’ve got to know what the other wants and then begin to incorporate those needs and wants into your relationship, giving them everything they have asked for. Not only are you giving them what they love and what will turn them on, but you’re listening to their needs and just listening is super sexy and a turn-on all on its own.

8. Do Things Together as Often as Possible

Do many things together.
Do many things together.

But make sure you do things separately from time to time as well because sometimes not getting any time apart can create more problems instead of helping it. As long as you have “me time” for both of you and you can separate from each other a few times per week, you should also strive to do things together as much as you can.

This means going to the store together, taking a vacation together, or doing something you both love together like fishing, shopping, or listening to music even.

While you need to do as much as you can together, as often as you can, make sure you get that healthy time apart as often as you personally need it (and they need it) too.

Too much time together can actually break you up or threaten to, so maintain a healthy balance that is right for you and your partner specifically because every couple is different.

Some couples can literally do almost everything together every day and only need just a couple hours apart each week, while others might need several hours apart each day. It all depends on you, your partner, and your relationship style.

9. You Should Laugh Together as Much as You Can

Laugh together.
Laugh together.

Couples that laugh together, last together, and you’re only strengthening the relationship (and your own happiness) if you always find something to be happy and smile about.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and if the two of you are always finding things to laugh about, when will you have time to be upset? It’s important to act like children every now and then as well, and we don’t mean acting immature in a bad way, but we mean just having fun as children do.

Go swinging at the park and pretend you’re flying; go to the skating rink for a few hours and jam out to some old school 90’s music like you did when you were younger - anything you two can do for a good ol’ laugh session!

10. Remind Them How Much You Care About Them

Remind them how much you care about them.
Remind them how much you care about them.

This means dish out compliments daily, such as “did you know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me?” or “if I didn’t have you and your smarts here with me on a daily basis, I don’t know how I’d make it out alive.”

Give them something to smile about on a daily if you can but don’t be cheesy or go overboard. Tell them how you really feel, and make sure they know you care about them.

Be sure to find out what makes your partner the happiest when it comes to talking with each other and complimenting, even uplifting each other. Most people need support and will need to be told that they are loved, as often as possible, but everyone is different in the things they need to hear in order to keep it moving in a positive way.

So just be sure to tell them all of the right things specific to them, and mean it.

11. Make Sure to Maintain Equal Opportunity Employment

Make sure to maintain equal opportunity employment.
Make sure to maintain equal opportunity employment.

Everything that should be equal in a relationship must be present on your own. If splitting the bills 50/50 was a promise you two made to each other - keep that promise and split the bills.

Everything you deemed important for both of you to maintain, make sure that promise is kept until the very last day you are together. There shouldn’t ever be a time where one person feels like they are pulling all of the weight, including their partner’s, remain equal in everything you do.

12. Brag About Them to Your Friends and Family Every Now and Then

Brag about them.
Brag about them.

And never talk badly about them to other people, at least not so much you make them look bad or throw them under the bus. People will take advantage of this information and blow it out of proportion, then throw it up in your face ten years later.

As far as the world knows, y'all have a great relationship and you even brag on one another every now and then - instead of bash each other.

Never take to social media to air out your problems or to talk about them in any other way rather than complimenting them or bragging on them. That only creates distrust and even resentment, which can then lead to a full-blown war.

Keep it mature and civil no matter what happens between you, but if you take the time to brag on them to others when they aren’t there and you never throw them under the bus or put them down to other people, they will learn to trust you and love you with all of their heart, and they won’t hold back either, creating a super-strong relationship that lasts forever.

13. Apologize for Things When You Are in the Wrong or Hurt Them

Try to apologize whenever is needed.
Try to apologize whenever is needed.

Face it, nobody is perfect and therefore no relationship will ever be perfect. In fact, having disagreements is normal and they say fighting every now and then is actually healthy for your relationship, while not fighting ever is not healthy at all.

There are going to be disagreements and arguments, things are going to be said that aren’t meant - always, always, ALWAYS apologize when and if you say something that hurts the other, and when you are in the wrong.

Sometimes you should even apologize for things you didn’t start or even if they were wrong. This makes for a super-strong bond that will feel like you can get through any hardship or disagreement together, without folding under pressure.

The Most Important Relationship Tip

Couple smiling, and happy together.
The most important tip in a relationship.

This tip deserves a category all on its' own because of how sacred it is to keep your relationship under wraps and out of the public eye. People sometimes seek to hurt, and even destroy when they have valuable, vulnerable, and confidential information about your relationship at their fingertips. Always keep other people out of your relationship!

If there is one thing that kills relationships the most, it's other people getting into it. Whether it be a flirt who can't stay away from your woman, or it could be your homegirl that hates your man and always thinks they have the best advice for you all, whoever it is needs to butt out - and stay out.

Never allow another human into your relationship, in any way, shape, or form and never give them vulnerable information about what is going on within the relationship.

If someone isn't as happy as you, they will do what they can to ruin it and then gossip about you later on. If someone is having issues with their own relationship, they may try to cause issues in yours.

Of course not everyone is the devil's spawn and seeks to destroy, but the principle of keeping others noses out of your private place and special part of you is just the best thing to do.

Just treat each other right, compromise with each other, make them feel special, and keep things between the two of you and you have all of the key ingredients to creating a long-lasting, forever type of relationship!

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