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10 Signs That a Guy Likes You

By Grant R.

When it comes to physical attraction, you have to trust the vibes that you get. Women, as they say, have an innate ability to sense if a guy is interested in her by way of intuition.

Sadly, it doesn’t work all the time because not all guys are easy to read and some can be quite unpredictable. So what happens when we’re having trouble figuring out if that guy we like feels the same way for us?

There are clear signs that indicate that a guy really likes you. Paying close attention is the key because most of the time, the signals delivered are not exactly straightforward.

Some guys use subtle hints that are quite hard to notice while there are some who choose the low key methods so as not to rush things and just to be sure about what they really feel before jumping on to the next level.

There are many reasons why some guys are harder to interpret than others. But as they say, trust the vibes that you get because when there’s real chemistry between you, you’ll find that hard to ignore.

For starters, here are the 10 clearest signs that a guy really likes you that might just get you out of being friend-zoned.

1. There’s Something Different About the Way He Looks at You

If you notice that every time he looks at you he looks different.That's a sign that he might like you.
If you notice that every time he looks at you he looks different.That's a sign that he might like you.

If there’s something about his long glances that make you feel weak in the knees, there must be something special between the two of you. It may not seem much but a guy who takes the time to check out a girl more than once and stares longer than the usual might just be sending signals.

This could be the clearest sign that your presence is being acknowledged and it’s an indication that you’ve won over his attention. A man’s stare can say a lot about what he’s feeling.

Oftentimes, a guy will try to secretly check you out when he thinks you’re not watching. So try to pretend that you’re not making your own observations.

2. He Smiles When You Make Eye Contact

Whenever a woman makes eye contact with you that's a very good sign that she might like you more than you are thinking.
It's a sign: if whenever you're making eye contact he smiles, that could mean that he likes you.

Sudden eye contact could mean a lot of things. It could be because he’s drawn by your presence, he happens to look your way or he can’t stop staring at you that your glances often meet.

There are many other possible reasons, but if by any chance he smiles at you as you make eye contact, it could mean something.

And besides, it helps to note that the smile is intended just for you in that case. For all you know, he might be sending you a hint by smiling your way. Some guys who are too shy might break eye contact immediately.

If it happens again, take the initiative to give that first smile and try to hold it longer. If he smiles back, chances are that he really likes you.

3. You Get Special Treatment

Couple smiling while washing dishes on the kitchen.
If you start seeing that he's helping with everything you're needing, even when you don't ask for it. That could mean that he likes you.

It’s easy to sense that a guy is interested in you when he treats you differently from the rest of the people in the group. Some guys send very subtle hints but if you’re sensitive enough, you will feel the difference.

It could be as random as giving you a hand or handing you a drink. Again, women’s intuition doesn’t lie. So, a little special treatment here and there could mean a lot more than you think especially if it’s given exclusively just for you. It’s an indication that he’s taking the extra effort to make you happy and more comfortable.

4. He Makes an Effort to Connect With You

He makes an effort to connect with you.
He makes an effort to connect with you.

A guy who really likes you will find all means to get to know you better. It could be by connecting with you through social media, text messages or through phone chat – anything to discover more of you.

If he clicks “Like” in all your posts, sends you messages every now and then, and tries to get your attention by sending jokes to cheer you up, it’s a clear indication that he likes you.

A guy who’s interested will go through ends just to win over the attention of the girl he likes so consider yourself lucky if this is the case.

5. He Asks Questions During a Conversation

He always asks questions during the conversation.
He always asks questions during the conversation.

A guy who keeps on asking questions wants to keep the conversation going. Perhaps, he wants to know more about you and your interests. Look for clues like if he’s trying to align his own interests with yours or if he’s sending signals about going out together sometime.

During a conversation, you can easily make sense if you’re talking casually as friends or if it’s bound to get somewhere else. Trust your gut feel and recognize the signals.

Some teasing here and there that sends off fireworks and brings butterflies to your stomach cannot be ignored. Remember, a friendly conversation is far from one that has chemicals in it.

6. He Finds a Way to Touch You

If a man or woman start touching more than others, that might mean that he or she likes you.
If a man is always looking for a way to touch you, then that could be a reason that he likes you.

It could be a pat on the back, a gentle squeeze on your shoulder, a playful poke or a tap on your forearm – a guy who likes you or is attracted to you is going to find a way to touch you.

Perhaps the most convenient way to get a hug is when you’re about to leave or your group gathering comes to an end.

While it’s a common gesture, you would sense it if he’s taking an extra effort to get close to you before you leave. Plus, don’t ignore the signals like the hint of nervousness on his part as he touches you or that tiny bit of uncertainty.

7. He Takes Every Chance to Be Near You

He takes every chance to be around you.
He takes every chance to be around you.

Do you feel that he’s always being there for you? Have you noticed him trying to help you out? A guy who likes you will usually help you and be there for you more than any friend would do.

It could be as simple as driving you somewhere, assisting you in buying some stuff or helping you out with a project. He will do anything for you no matter how boring and will take the time to just be around.

If he’s giving you much of his time and is being extra thoughtful, he really likes you more than just a friend.

8. He Chats With You Longer and Immediately Reply to Your Messages

If a guy it's in constant contact with you, then it's a clear sign that he likes you.
If the guy is constantly sending you text messages or replying your messages fast, that means that he might like you

If a guy is interested in you, he won’t mind exchanging messages with you throughout the day. In fact, if you’ll read between the lines, you might even find hints that he’s flirting with you. He might already be sending signals that he likes you in his own way.

It may be hard to determine for some guys but the fact that he’s chatting with you means a lot. Moreover, a guy who takes the time to reply to your messages almost instantly is most likely into you. So consider this a plus factor.

9. He Pays Attention to Your Reactions

If a man is constantly checking your reactions then that might be because he likes in you.
If a man is constantly checking your reactions then that might be because he likes in you

This is a major indicator that he really likes you and it’s quite easy to notice. When you’re in a group, if he makes a statement or cracks a joke and he immediately looks your way to witness your reaction, that’s a sure sign that he likes you.

It reveals that he’s trying to impress you and seeks your approval. He wants to make sure that he has your attention and that you find him interesting enough to make a reaction.

10. He Proudly Introduces You to His Friends and Family

If a man introduces you to his family it means that you're important for him and that is a serious sign that he likes you.
If a man introduces you to his family it means that you're important for him and that is a serious sign that he likes you.

One of the key signs that he likes you is when he starts including you with the activities he does with his friends. It could be a beach picnic, a social event, a party or a concert.

A guy that brings you into his circle of friends is actually including you in one of the most valued aspects of his life. If he takes it to the next level and introduces you to his family, then it’s a sure sign that he’s gone serious with you.

It takes a lot of getting used to but if you’re intent about this guy, you might just as well enjoy the moment and the special privilege. Not all guys would run the extra mile but a little effort from him can definitely keep your hopes up.

Final Words

You might get tired about hearing this but it’s important to trust your gut when it comes to figuring out whether a guy likes you or not.

Women have this tendency to over-think matters that concern romance and relationships, And you might not even realize but he might have love at first sight with you and you are just overthinking.

On top of that, we have this habit of consulting our friends for advice and answers. The truth is; we just need to be more sensitive. We have to learn how to feel things instead of over-thinking about them or interpreting them with our friends.

Physical attraction cannot be faked. You can’t even force it. If it’s there, chemistry won’t lie to you. You just have to feel it more and just stop making an analysis.

This can save you from getting your hopes up unnecessarily and can enlighten you as to whether a guy really likes you or not. And lastly, you can easily tell whether he’s interested or not just by watching a few indicators – like his body language.

Men are not that complicated. If you’ll trust your gut feel, you can see right through them. All you have to do is to know exactly what signs you’re looking for.

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the 30 year old trapped in a 19 year old

November 29, 2019, 3:09 pm

Nice to know how sweet & sensitive a guy can be, proudly introduces me? Tries to be near me all the time? Wow. That’s romantic. Granted I’m only 19 and I haven’t had a chance at a long term relationship just yet, it’s super cool to hear that men and guys do this when they like grown women still. I was hoping guys didn’t get worse as we aged because right now all other 19 year olds want to do is party and fuck a bunch of girls. Fuck that. I don’t want a guy whose been around with my five best friends and their cousins. And there’s there this older guy in my nursing class that does some of this stuff on this list…….i think he likes me, he’s 27 i think which is sexy to me. But reading this has me all excited and i have butterflies thinking about him.