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7 Sexual Fetishes You Can Try With Your Phone Date

By Summer Corkran

Let’s get one thing straight: we all have a fetish, one or more. A fetish, also commonly known as a kink, refers to an attraction to a certain sexual activity, behavior, body part, an inanimate object, or a situation not commonly viewed as sexual in nature.

So, what sexually excites you? What turns you on? Are you into role-playing or bondage? Perhaps seeing a foot or a hand strangely turns you on?

You’re also probably exploring phone sex recently and you’re wondering if you can fulfill your sexual fantasies over the phone. The good news is, you absolutely can! But keep in mind—whatever sexual fetish you have, consent is paramount.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can explore sexual fetishes with your phone sex partner and you’ll discover seven wild sexual fetishes you can practice over the phone. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Let’s dive in.

How to Explore Sexual Fetishes With Your Phone Sex Partner

Regardless of what fetish or kink you’re into, the key to a healthy phone sex relationship is consent. “Kinks and fetishes are fertile grounds for misunderstandings is consent is not explicit,” says Dense Renye, a sexologist and psychologist.

Once consent is established, expressing your sexual desires and fantasies is healthy for your sex life. Repressed fetishes can take their toll on both individuals and relationships. As long as the desire is safe and consensual, everyone deserves to pursue theirs.

So, how exactly do you establish consent? You can do it by discussing your fetishes and setting limitations with your partner. Here’s how you can initiate the topic of exploring your sexual fetishes with your partner:

1. Explain that you’re sharing from a place of trust.

Explain that you share from a place of trust.
Explain that you share from a place of trust.

Opening up about your sexual fantasies can be intimidating and it’s completely normal to feel terrified about it. However, it’s important to be as sincere and as vulnerable as possible, even if it feels hard to do. Also, don’t be afraid to express your anxiety and fears of being judged. Let your partner know that you trust them, and that’s why you’re opening up — that way, they’ll take it more seriously.

2. Introduce your fetish through porn.

Introduce your fetish through porn.
Introduce your fetish through porn.

Not only porn can be a great way to determine what sexually excites you, but it’s also an effective way to introduce your fetish to your partner. Once your partner is interested in learning more about your fetish, invite them to watch your favorite porn video together.

Make sure that the video accurately demonstrates what sexually excites you so your partner can better understand your desires.

3. Ask about your partner’s sexual fantasies.

Ask your partner's sexual fantasies.
Ask your partner's sexual fantasies.

If you have a sexual fetish, chances are, your partner has theirs too. They might be as embarrassed as you to open up. This conversation is a good opportunity to learn about your partner’s sexual fantasies. Remember, to forge a healthy and enjoyable relationship, you should not only aim to satisfy your own sexual desires, but your partner’s too.

4. Emphasize that your fetish won’t change your relationship.

Emphasize that your fetish won't change the relationship.
Emphasize that your fetish won't change the relationship.

Some sexual fetishes may scare your partner off or make them worry that your regular sex life has become boring and dull for you, which is exactly why you need to take some time to reassure your partner. Tell them that as strange as it may sound, it’s just something that happens to sexually turn you on and that doesn’t mean you’re a different person from the one they know.

Remind your partner that you have enjoyed your sex life with them, and will continue to do so whether or not they are willing to participate in your sexual fetish. Being turned on by something is not a reflection of your character and who you are as a person.

5. Establish rules and restrictions to guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

Establish rules.
Establish rules.

Once you’ve discussed your sexual fetishes and both parties have expressed willingness to explore sexual fetishes together, it’s time to set rules on what’s acceptable, and what are out of bounds. For instance, choking or gagging scares your partner off or they’re not okay with being called names, make sure you respect their limitations.

Similarly, your partner should acknowledge yours. Establishing rules and restrictions will help ensure that everyone involved will have a good time.

7 Wild Sexual Fetishes You Can Try Over the Phone.

You probably think that you can only satisfy your fetish on actual sex. But phone sex doesn’t restrict you from pursuing your sexual desires and fantasies. You’d be pleasantly surprised to learn there are a lot of wild fetishes you can try during phone sex. Listed below are seven of them:

1. Age Play

This fetish is related to BDSM and role play. In this sexual activity, partners will role play and act as if they are different ages than what they actually are. The dominant partner often plays the role of the older person, while the submissive partner is the younger one.

2. Foot Fetish

Someone with a foot fetish may often want to engage in foot worship, in which they treat their partner’s foot like a holy object: kissing, caressing, and massaging it. If either you or your partner is turned on by feet, a foot fetish can be fulfilled over the phone by sending feet pictures or videos. You may not be able to physically touch each other’s feet, but intimate pictures or videos of your or your partner’s feet will do the trick.

3. Lingerie

One of the most common fetishes out there may be sitting right in your closet: lingerie. While most people get turned on when their partner is wearing a sexy pair of underwear, lingerie becomes a fetish when it starts to be a necessity for someone to fully engage or get off. A lingerie fetish involves stockings, lace bodysuits, etc.

4. Psychological Play

Not all BDSM practices are physical. Psychological play is a sexual power play that takes place in the mind. For example, humiliation play is a type of psychological play that involves a submissive partner getting sexually aroused on being called embarrassing names. Another example of psychological play is consensual threats, which involve the dominant partner threatening the submissive to receive punishment if they don’t follow the dominant’s orders.

5. Quirofilia

Quirofilia refers to a fetish for hands. It may manifest as a sexual attraction to fingers, a great manicure, or simply some sexy-looking hands. While quirofilia typically involves handjobs, fisting, or fingering, some people with hand fetish may also find pleasure in watching hands doing mundane tasks such as picking up groceries or doing household chores. It all depends to the person.

6. Role Play

This one is a classic for sure. Role-play enables you and your partner to act out your wildest sexual fantasies, have fun, and forge a stronger bond between the two of you. I know what you’re thinking—how can you possibly practice role-playing over the phone? Well, as long as you and your partner are creative and imaginative, anything is possible.

7. Voyeurism

While this fetish is commonly derived from watching others have sex, it can also include hearing others engage in sexual activity, or even being told about other people’s sexual experiences. If this excites you, you can satisfy your fetish by simply initiating intimate conversations about sharing previous sexual experiences. Ask your partner what is the wildest sexual experience they’ve had.

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