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How to Ask a Girl for Her Number

By Summer Corkran

If you’re interested in a girl, it’s natural for you to think about getting her phone number to stay in touch and to have the means to reach her anytime. Texting and having voice calls with the girl that you’re trying to win over is a good way to get her attention, deliver a personal message, and make subtle attempts to gain her interest.

Ways to ask for her phone number 🔥

Assuming that there’s this one particular girl that you like and you want to get her phone number, how are you going to ask for it? Is there an effective game plan that you can try? Your guess is just as good as ours. It can be quite tricky, but it’s completely workable with the right level of confidence and perfect timing.

So now, let’s start exploring the different ways to ask for a girl’s phone number starting off with the easiest and safest approaches used by the average guys all the way to the more aggressive moves by the alpha males.

1. The Indirect Approach

Indirect approach to ask for a girl's number.
Indirect approach to ask for a girl's number.

Guys that are insecure and not ready to ask a girl directly for her phone number will most likely go through the indirect means. There are many ways to carry out an indirect approach and one of them is by searching for her on social media. From there, other possibilities could unfold like discovering a mutual friend or connection that you can ask for the information you need. It’s plain, simple, and makes sense.

Another indirect approach you can try is asking out people that are close to her, like common friends and acquaintances, to get her phone number for you. It might be a lousy idea but shy guys will never hesitate to ask someone to get a girl’s number for them. This approach may spare you from the trouble and humiliation of being turned down, but it doesn’t guarantee anything and might trigger a bad impression.

2. The Social Media Tactic

Use the social media tactic.
Use the social media tactic to ask for her number.

Another way to ask for a girl’s phone number is by adding her on your social media and making the move online. Initiate a friendly chat to get her attention and if she responds positively to your message, it’s a sign that you’re actually making progress. Don’t mess up while chatting with her because it only takes one crappy message for her to lose her interest in you and block you off completely from her account.

When you find the right timing and if you’re receiving positive signals from her, drop the question casually. You can make quick-witted excuses as to why you want her phone number such as; to inform her about an event, to update her about something, or to send information that she might be interested to know. A little creativity can go a long way and might be beneficial in the process.

3. Play It Safe

Play it safe.
Play it safe.

If you’re determined to get a girl’s phone number but you’re too afraid and self-conscious to admit it to her, then perhaps you can try to play it safe. Pretend that somebody else is asking for her number for important reasons, and come up with convincing excuses for her to believe and trust you.

You may ask for a friend to back you up or to serve as an accomplice. The scheme is to use another person as an excuse to achieve your goal. It’s a pathetic and cowardly move, but that won’t matter anymore once you finally get her number. And once you have it, try your best not to appear shady or sneaky with your intentions.

4. The Strategist

The strategist.
The strategist.

If you’re brave enough to approach the girl, try to create subtle moves to get her attention and initiate a small talk. During the course of your conversation, pretend that your phone is missing and ask her if she can give it a ring. A trace of panic or worry on your voice can make the act more convincing.

To carry out this strategy, you have the option to either put your phone on silent mode or just let it ring for her to realize your true intention. Your goal is for her number and call to register on your phone. Smooth and crafty, isn’t it?

5. Strike While the Iron Is Hot

Strike while the iron is hot.
Strike while the iron is hot.

A sure-fire way to get a girl’s phone number is to get her engaged in your conversation. You must win her trust and confidence, and make her feel that you can be her friend. In the middle of your casual chit-chat and when she least expects it, hand your phone over to her and ask her to put her number in it.

This sudden move can throw her off-guard and won’t give her the chance to think twice about putting her number on your phone. A warm and spontaneous conversation that gets into a comfortable level is usually the foundation for this approach. Therefore, your goal is to keep the girl well-engaged in your small talk to spark her interest; and then, surprise her with your move without giving away any reasons for it.

6. The Game-Changer

The game-changer.
The game-changer.

Asking for a girl’s phone number may seem awkward, but you can try adding some twist to your approach. Instead of asking for her phone number alone, offer to exchange phone numbers with her. This is a smart game-changer to the conventional way of asking for a girl’s number only to make her wonder if you’re really going to call her or not, or why you need to call her in the first place.

Offering your own number to her creates a personal appeal that might just convince her to easily give in to your request. In the end, you can both wonder who’s going to make the first move to text or call since you have each other’s phone numbers. This is an absolute game-changer between a girl and a guy.

7. Bribing Your Way

Bribing your way.
Bribing your way.

Even confident and coolheaded guys sometimes find it very challenging to think of effective ways to ask for a girl’s phone number. However, one approach seems to be very common for them and that’s by “bribing their way” through it.

Here’s the game plan if you want to muster the confidence to carry it out effectively. Approach the girl and win her interest by making an offer she can’t resist. If she loves dogs, ask her to meet your dog so you can share some helpful tips; if there’s a hot event in town like a concert, tell her that you have an extra ticket for her; or if she could use some help for a task or a project, offer your skills and talent.

There are countless reasons why a girl might need a guy like you. All you have to do is to find her weakness and use it to your advantage. If she buys your offer, drop the question and get her phone number. Creating a valid reason to ask for her number is a winning move that spells success.

8. The Risk Taker

The risk taker.
The risk taker.

How gutsy and assertive can you be in trying to get a girl’s phone number? If you believe that you have what it takes to captivate a girl with your irresistible charm, then you can try to “keep it cool” and take the risk. How are you going to launch this strategy?

Approach your target, do the infamous introductions, or offer to buy her a drink; flirt a little, then ask if you can have her phone number because you’d love to have dinner, coffee, or a nice chat with her soon.

Guys that can manage to pull off this approach successfully are not necessarily special or gifted. They simply have the confidence to carry out a convincing conversation with their target and are willing to take the risk. So if you’re a risk-taker, high doses of self-confidence and composure are all it takes to get a girl’s phone number.

9. Call Me Maybe

Call me maybe.
Call me maybe.

Alpha males that love the idea of being the stronger and more dominant sex might fall for this game plan. And it might literally work for you, too. As a general idea, it doesn’t require you to ask for a girl’s phone number. In fact, it’s the other way around and it actually involves playing with your chances.

The process is simple. You just have to approach the girl, strike a conversation or flirt with her a little; and then, hand her your phone number or calling card before leaving. If you were able to spark her interest, she might give you a call and you’ll finally have her phone number.

Otherwise, you can just forget about the whole thing and conclude that she’s just not into you. There’s uncertainty in this approach, but it’s a good way to determine how much impact you’ve created in a girl.

Parting Words: On a Final Note

Great job, you took initiative, and now it's time for the reward.

There are many creative ways to ask for a girl’s phone number. It all depends on your personal style, level of confidence, and how sincere you are with your intentions. If your purpose for getting a girl’s phone number is to pursue her and to make an attempt to win her love and affection, you’ll have to go through great lengths to earn her trust.

Determine the most suitable game plan that would highlight your personality and work on your confidence and ability to carry out a good conversation. And lastly, keep in mind that asking for a girl’s phone number is just the first step in trying to win her interest and attention. It doesn’t guarantee anything but merely sets the foundation for you to plan your next steps.

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